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SPARTANAT – German KSK Adopts HK416A7

SPARTANAT: This is the new rifle of German Special Forces


On October 10, the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology of the German Armed Forces) ordered Heckler & Koch from Oberndorf to supply 1,745 H&K 416 A7 weapons and accessories.

The Bundeswehr designation is expected to be G95 (G is Gewehr which is German for Rifle). It is a gas piston rifle in the caliber 5.56 mm x 45 NATO. The weapon has a weight of 3.690 kg and a barrel length of 14.5″. The G95 is to be the new standard gun of the KSK ( Kommando Spezialkräfte) and the special forces command of the Navy (KSM) and is expected to be delivered to the force beginning January 2019. Technical testing at the military service center 91 as well as tactical testing by the special forces starts in November 2017. This German Special Forces adoption is of a newer edition of the HK416 than that which in use with US and UK SOF. It will be very interesting to see which laser boxes and optics will be chosen for the new Sturmgewehr Spezialkräfte.

Larry Vickers noted that the A7 model is the first variant of the HK416 with a 45 Deg throw lever safety. Interestingly, this feature is also on the HK433.

Heckler & Koch on the Internet:

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4 Responses to “SPARTANAT – German KSK Adopts HK416A7”

  1. A Guest says:

    3.69kg is a little over 8lbs. Not ideal for a 14.5″ 5.56 rifle, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a light HK416 anyways.

  2. Tazman66gt says:

    I love how they make their expensive rifles look like they have been built with a parts kit of mismatched shades.

  3. DoorLock says:

    Does G95 has short-barreled version like other HK416 like G38?