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Bravo Company – Combat Rail Systems


Designed to the specification of combat end users, BCM® Combat Rail Systems are built free float, for improved accuracy, with Aluminum alloys, that are light weight but do not compromise rigidity. Mission flexible platforms, ideal for end user customization in the placement of optics and accessories such as light mounts, vertical grips, hand stops, lasers and bi-pods; BCM Combat Rail Systems are available in three interface systems:

+ KeyMod™
+ M-LOK®*
+ 1913 Picatinny Rail

Whatever your mission requires, bcm offers products ready for any American going in harm’s way.


The BCM® KeyMod Rail(KMR-Alpha) delivers a robust, ultra-light modular handguard for the AR platform, second to none on the market today.

Manufactured from Aircraft Grade Aluminum alloy, the KMR-A gives end users an extensive range of customization options, with seven KeyMod lined mounting surfaces and one with baked in MIL-STD-1913 at the 12 O’Clock position. The KMR-A features ergonomics tailored to combat end user requirements, with its reduced profiled maximized for positive control of the weapon system in the lightest possible package.


The BCM® M-LOK® Compatible* Modular Rail” (MCMR) delivers the same optimized ergonomic profile and lock up** developed for the KMR-Alpha rail system, but with an M-LOK® compatible interface. Precision Machined Aerospace 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, the MCMR is both rigid and light-weight, featuring mounting interfaces on seven sides in addition to the baked in MIL-STD-1913 at the 12 O’Clock position.


A MIL-STD-1913 rail, the BCM® QRF(Quad Rail Free Float) Rail System is built with Picatinny Rails running the full length of the handguard at 12, 3, 6 and 9 O’Clock. Precision machined from high-strength lightweight Aerospace 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, the BCM QRF features the same lock up* as and steel barrel nut insuring the rail resists movement even under extreme use.

With four QD limited rotation sling swivel slots built into the rail at 3 and 6 O’Clock, the QRF provides end users an uninterrupted mounting surface at 12 O’Clock when mated with a BCM or other Mil-Spec upper receiver, allowing for the fine tuned positioning of optics, lasers or other accessories potentially vital to mission success.


The entire BCM® Combat Rail System fleet uses our patented(US Patent 8904691) lock up system where self-locking cross bolts apply force at the 12:00 position of the handguard equally distributing force around the surface area of the rail. This insures continuous top center alignment of the rail and mitigates forwards/backwards movement of the handguard when the weapon system is fired.


All BCM® Combat Rail Systems and accessories unite state of the art manufacturing with lightweight and durable materials to ensure components that last a lifetime, performing far beyond performance requirements established nearly six decades ago. Like all BCM rifles and BCMGUNFIGHTER™ accessories, all BCM Combat Rail Systems are made in the USA.

Learn more at bravocompanymfg.com/combat_rails

* M-LOK® is a registered trademark of Magpul Industries Corp. – www.magpul.com/ip
** Bravo Company MFG, Inc. US Patent 8904691

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25 Responses to “Bravo Company – Combat Rail Systems”

  1. S. says:

    Hoping they plan on releasing rails offered in Lith/Alum or Mg/Alum

  2. Eve says:

    Anyone knows who makes the jacket on the 5th photograph?

  3. Paul says:

    What is with the dark shadowy photography of products lately? Is it supposed to be tacticool? How’s about illuminating your products properly so that potential clients can take a good look at what it is they may be buying? I sometimes wonder if merchants actually look at their advertisements and websites with the critical eye of an outsider who may not be familiar with their company and/or their products. I know BCM very well and I am aware of their quality reputation. But to someone who doesn’t know them, dark grainy photographs aren’t going entice them. C’mon Paul B, you can do better than this.

  4. Mark says:

    I am pleased to see that BCM now offers their rail covers in M-Lok.

    • Casey says:

      THIS! I like the Magpul Type 2 MLOK covers, but they don’t lend themselves to tubular rails like ALG. The Type 1, I don’t like. And most other manufacturers either have screws in the design (like RailScales) which transmit heat. I have the BCM panels on two guns with KMR handguards and absolutely love them. Thrilled I’ll be able to start using the same panels on my MLOK guns.

      • Mark says:

        So I got a set of these BCM covers, and they fit perfectly on Troy SOC-C M-Lok hand guards…..almost like they were made for them.

        To shorten the covers, for smaller areas of coverage, I was able to easily cut the covers to size with a kitchen knife. A little sandpaper smoothed out any rough edges on the cut.

        The subtle texture on the BCM covers is great.

        You get a set of five of the covers for only ten dollars, on the BCM web store.

        I will buy more of these.

  5. Craig says:

    Are these all going to use the same barrel nut? So if you have the current KMR rails and want to switch that for the MCMR, would you just have to take out the cross bolts, slap on the new rail and off you go?

    • Adam says:

      Yes, same barrel nut.

      • Casey says:

        This is pretty tempting, because I prefer MLOK to Keymod. That said, my original KMR handguards are the now unobtanium aluminum/magnesium or whatever super lightweight metal. Perhaps not the best choice for duty, but for casual range use, awesome.

  6. rearmount says:

    Talk about a company that listens to what consumers want! Nicely done

  7. Mic says:

    Not to take away from the rails. But does anyone know what brand pistol holster that is in the first picture? Thanks in advance

    • Lt M says:

      Custom/as-yet-unreleased G-Code XST for WMLs on an RTI Belt Slide

    • SShink says:


    • Mic says:

      Thanks for the answers. Im a looking for a holster for a Glock equipped with an RMR and WML, with level 2 retention. This looks like it might fit the bill if it is ever released to the public

      • Lt M says:

        The Safariland 6354DO is a proven solution; it uses the ALS to automatically lock the weapon in Level I upon reholstering and you can add the ALS Guard to make it Level II.

  8. Jay says:

    Three years late and ten million short.

    BCM played hard to get and ignored the massive migration towards M-LOK. They lost millions is their retarded decision to stick with keymod.
    When M-LOK was released, the KMR was the best hadguard.
    All they had to do, to stay on top, was to make the M-LOK version of KMR.

    Now, they are not even on the map.
    Serves them right.

    • DK says:

      It’s a rail system, not the cure for cancer being withheld from the masses.

    • Craig says:

      The KMR rails are/were still very popular because people trust and support BCM. I don’t think not offering M-LOK hurt as much as you’re saying. And they offer it now, so moot point.

      BCM is a great company.

  9. Alpha2 says:

    I only migrated to MLOK because USSOCOM said it was cool.