Mobile Weapon Turret Delivery

We have a unique invention to turn each soldier into an awesome manual or wireless firepower resource. It weighs 7 pounds and sets up in 20 seconds. No longer is the soldier exposed to direct enemy fire. The tables are turned. The soldier is out of harms way targeting and firing at will automatic or semiautomatic weapon. We have a letter of endorsement from Caliber 3 the premier counter terrorist training facility in Israel. The device can also be wireless operated and may alleviate the need for building walls at our domestic boarder as images are relayed to HQ for asset deployment.


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15 Responses to “Mobile Weapon Turret Delivery”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    This could change everything!

  2. jbgleason says:

    Oh boy! Here we go…

    I didn’t notice. Is this posted under WTF?

  3. Yawnz says:

    GIs from Red Alert 2?

  4. Non-operator says:

    Brilliant! Increase their billions of dollars in arms subsidies.

    • Buck K says:

      Much of the loaned cash to the Israelis is spent here (in the USA, paying U.S. jobs). That’s a stipulation and one the Israelis follow. There are only two countries leading innovation in the world, and that is the United States and Israel. The Israelis are our first line of defense in the Middle East. Money well spent with what we do contribute, and not the reason we’re spending more and receiving less, as Americans. The desire t
      o separate fact from fiction is also a good start.

      • Weaver says:

        “There are only two countries leading innovation in the world, and that is [sic] the United States and Israel.”

        What complete and utter nonsense.

  5. Beer Ninja says:

    Sentry Guns like from Aliens

  6. anon says:

    Im shocked that it took this long for some one to make a mobile remote controlled turret.

    I had this same idea a few years ago.

  7. Hut says:

    Just another day at the office…?

  8. MidGasFan says:

    Buck, thank you for posting this! I’m not sure where all the dislike for Israel and Israelis is coming from. It seems to get worse and wise each day and part of it I fear, is because most individuals out there are not actual that, individual. They read headlines or just what they want and don’t bother to actually do any research.

    Without Israel, the Middle East would be ten times worse and we’d be involved on levels beyond comprehension. The vast, vast majority of Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, are wonderful people and typically very, very pro-America. I’ve worked with several guys who served in the IDF, came to America, prospered and several ended up going back to serve again during the surge. I personally cannot wait to visit the country.

    People need to start looking past their noses and seek out new info and dissenting opinions, they might actually learn something for a change.

    Israel is constantly coming up with new medical inventions, too. Unfortunately, much of the time in America we are penalized for being innovative. As far as innovative, if this mobile turret works like they claim it could save a lot of lives coalition lives and who can argue against that, other than our enemies?

    Sorry for the rant, this Israel hate touched a raw nerve in me.

  9. Adun says:

    Considering how many border walls Israel has, it makes sense that we would see more of these types of products coming out of the country.

    There is already quite the impressive suite of electronic surveillance on their borders as is. We used to get intel from sonar, radar, pressure sensors, cameras, etc. and it made life a lot easier whenever you knew you had one of the ladies back in the battalion surveillance room watching your back and feeding you info.

    I say this is a welcome innovation, if it works well, especially considering the weight.

  10. mark says:

    The Syrian Civil War has given rise to a number of interesting, DIY remote control weapon stations. There’s a pic out there of a vintage STG44 with a camera optic on a rotating mini turret controlled by servos, among many other examples.

    Makes sense that there would be a commercial version released.

  11. Non-operator says:

    In th spirit of a classic dissenting opinion – I suggest reading “War is a Racket,” by General Smedly Butler. That is the basis for my jest, not anything else that is being inferred. Look at these arms deals through that lens and follow the money, it’s a shell game.

    I’m opposed to all of these types of arms deals and subsidies, not just the one at hand. I’m opposed to the same type of subsidies with the Saudis. I’m opposed to arms deals with human rights offending countries (not talking about either aforementionedl). I’m opposed to companies contributing to certain “charitable” organizations then being front-runners in getting awarded contracts by someone in a position of power at the state department tied to said “charity.”

    And if a Saudi came up with something like this, after all the money and arms we give them, the same joke is appropriate.