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PSIGEAR – Hinge Quick Release Buckle


Hinge quick release buckle is made of high strength polymer, with anti-corrosion springs, suitable for being used in humid and underwater environments. Lightweight, thin, and small, it can be easily, reliably connected to tactical gear with two pieces of one-inch woven tapes, and can rotate in a small scale after the connection to increase flexibility.

8 Responses to “PSIGEAR – Hinge Quick Release Buckle”

  1. Robcollins says:

    The only improvement I can conceive: a field expedient version, as I’m not going to disassemble PALS webbing on my gear. Attachment to multiple channels as well as 2 rows or MALICE clip attachment. Obviously, I could hack saw them myself, but, given the 2 row attachment, that’s probably not a choice.

    I could see using this a LOT, with some changes to how it attaches…

    • BS says:

      Just make a cut shaped like in the replacement buckles from ITW and you are good to go.

      • Pete says:

        Agreed – I prefer this sort of thing to be a sew in deal. Heat knifing the webbing and resewing it is not hard to have done where I live though.

  2. cat blaster says:

    snap attach or use the lindnerhoff buckle thats better

  3. Paul says:

    Very interesting… I’ll have to order a few to play with… I’m intrigued.

  4. Pete says:

    Never heard of these guys, but I bought this instantly. I’ve tried to get Point Blank, Bushido Tactical, or Austri-Alpin to sell me those HALO buckles they use (Also called WARSOC H2 and H3 buckles)
    ( ), but without success – they’ll only sell them as part of their (very expensive and not what I want) cummerbund upgrade kits.

    I also briefly had one of the Ares Armor (Now AWC) Derma kits a couple years ago, but I sent it back because they sent me the wrong color and still haven’t received a replacement.

    I’ve tried the First Spear Tubes too – those I can get – but it’s kind of (not always) a two handed operation to disconnect those things.

  5. MLT says:

    It seems like the First Spear designs , a China company may just right the way in the market. Or they will base on something same
    as the First Spear. Who knows?

  6. james says:

    Not berry and not all that strong… under 200 pounds break strength…

    interesting concept … the original slide buckle ‘tubes did have a hinging feature but it was not strong enough either… the current ‘tubes ‘ also has a major issue with heat and strength as I understand it