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MATBOCK Monday – Reaper Hunting Vest

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MATBOCK and Reaper Outdoors are proud to announce the release of the Reaper Hunting Vest. Designed for the hunting enthusiast, it includes a Rhodesian style chest rig, main hunt pouch with integrated hand warmer, a large multi-purpose pouch, ideal for a small puffy layer, a small multi-purpose pouch for smaller items, a shear pouch, a thermacell pouch, and a dip can pouch. All of the pouches and chest rig are made with MATBOCK’s ghost and ghost lite materials and attach via their patent pending TAB system to make the system ultra lightweight, waterproof, and durable. The Hunt Vest Kit is available now in MultiCam and can be purchased as an entire kit or each part individually.

Kit Includes the following:
Rhodesian style chest rig
Main hunt pouch with integrated hand warmer
Large multi-purpose pouch
Small multi-purpose pouch
Shear pouch
Thermacell pouch
Dip can pouch

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One Response to “MATBOCK Monday – Reaper Hunting Vest”

  1. mike says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the chest rig/plate carrier and MR pack cover at a few events around Virginia and I hope to get my hands on this at SHOT. Long have I tried various chest rigs for hiking, but this looks especially well-suited to the task.