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SIG To Offer Suppressed Upper Receiver

SIG is introducing a 300 BLK Upper Reciever Group which is compatible with both MCX and AR-style lowers. This short stroke gas piston upper features a 6.75″ barrel with a permanently attached 19 baffle, Titanium suppressor. It has two gas settings for use with sub and supersonic ammunition.

Remember, this is a piston upper so the lower receiver extension isn’t required. Consequently, it will come with the 1913 adapter to facilitate use with the AR lower reciever. This adapter accepts SIG’s 1913 compatible (vertical orientation) stocks. Additionally, the SUR300 comes with a Matchlite Duo trigger.

No word yet on whether this is based on SIG’s submission for the Naval Special Warfare Personal Defense Weapon program which is also in 300 BLK. Additionally, it looks like it may have applied some lessons learned from their submission for SOCOM’s Suppressed Upper Receiver Group program, which is in 5.56mm.


12 Responses to “SIG To Offer Suppressed Upper Receiver”

  1. SVGC says:

    I’ve been waiting on the knuckle for 3 years now. Very happy to see this coming around.

  2. BillC says:

    That heat transfer to the handguard is going to be fun.

  3. EzGoingKev says:

    Is the suppressor permanently attached to bring out to 16″ so all you need is the stamp for the can?

    • Rich Lavery says:

      Think the can is pinned? Is that even possible? And if so is the can 10 inches?

      • alt0705 says:

        No need for 16″ in a pistol configuration. Add a brace and you are set.

      • PPGMD says:

        Just eye balling it, if the can is permanently attached it could be 16″ a 6 slot Mlok hand guard is typically around 11-12″, and the can sticks out a pretty good distance from that.

      • EzGoingKev says:

        From the article –

        “This short stroke gas piston upper features a 6.75? barrel with a permanently attached 19 baffle, Titanium suppressor.”

  4. jimu says:

    What’s the big deal if it makes 16in or not? This gun is a pistol upper needs to be put on a pistol lower or you have a suppressed SBR. Don’t think ATF would be too happy about that.

    • Skylar says:

      If it’s permanently affixed out would be rifle length. The suppressor would be the only NFA item, and you could throw it on a rifle lower, no problem.