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SPARTANAT – Corvus Is Coming

Corvus Shot Show Kopie

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Corvus Defensio announces its first presence at SHOT Show and is proud to unveil its partnership with Steyr Arms, Inc., who will distribute their whole line of products in the USA.
Corvus Defensio will be exhibiting its full product line of innovative and high quality accessory parts for the Steyr AUG rifle family.
Established in October 2016 the company immediately presented a wide range of upgrades for the most famous Bullpup rifle.

Corvus AUG Handguard

Their goal was to enhance the pros and overcome the cons of the Steyr AUG rifle, that just celebrated its 40th birthday. With their accessory parts Corvus Defensio answers the desire to utilize and manipulate the Steyr AUG like any other modern sports or military rifle to meet state of the art rifle training standards. The Case Deflector enables the user to shoot from the left shoulder around barricades. The Enhanced Magazine Release Button allows faster and more reliable mag changes. A wide variety of accessory receiver and barrel rail systems enhance the utilization of optics, back up sights, lasers, lights, slings and bipods. And their newest product is a free float Handguard system which is an attachment to their 35 Slot Receiver Rail. It enables the shooter to wrap around his support hand like with any AR15 system without getting burns or other injuries from the hot gas exhausting at the gas port. Corvus Defensio will also present a Case Deflector for the AUG NATO stock now.
Meet Corvus Defensio at the booth of Steyr Arms, Inc. at Shot Show 2018 (booth number 10246). The staff of Corvus Defensio is looking forward to discuss their products and their general experience with the Steyr AUG with visitors of Shot Show 2018!
Corvus Defensio:


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7 Responses to “SPARTANAT – Corvus Is Coming”

  1. Hubb says:

    Here is my dilemma. Do I keep my Steyr AUG and upgrade it with the Corvus Defensio parts or sell it and buy the Lithgow Arms AUG?

    • SGT Heintz says:

      Keep the AUG. I am happy about the upcoming ATRAX and might buy one eventually. However, you should go with the here and now and proven system rather than putting your hopes and dreams on a maybe. Bird in the hand…

      Also, my primary concern with the ATRAX is that the serialized part the gun according to ATF as I understand it is the BARREL?? That is very concerning if true. The “receiver” is polymer. I don’t have any problem with that but what happens if you shoot out or damage your “barrel/receiver/serialized part”?

    • Linz says:

      Keep the AUG.
      Avoid the ATRAX.

  2. SGT Heintz says:

    Corvus Defensio, I THINK I LOVE YOU!!

    SGT Heintz

  3. mark says:

    I’ve got 2x of their case deflectors, mag release, and M1 rail.

    All are superb upgrades that really make the AUG a competitive 21st century platform.