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SPARTANAT – Corvus Defensio puts Micro piggyback on Trijicon

Thursday, July 18th, 2019


The Corvus Defensio Aimpoint Micro assembly fulfills one of our long cherished wishes. With regard to optics systems for assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles, we have long been convinced by so-called “piggyback” solutions for many different reasons. Since nothing can replace a classic red dot sight without magnification – and parallax free at best – in close range and any lighting condition, modern rifles in sports and military are most likely seen with these kind of sights. But in both areas, these weapons can be used effectively up to 500 meters. Here (and in the area of target identification also at closer distances), however, magnifying optics are of greater advantage. One approach is to use variable magnification optics, which can typically be magnified from 1-3x up to 1-10x and used as a red dot sight at simple magnification. The disadvantage of these systems, however, is usually that even with 1x magnification it must be targeted through an optical lens system, including effects such as exit pupil, correct eye relief, sometimes slight distortions and the so-called “eye box” (the picture is only visible in a limited area). Furthermore, each time the magnification is to be adjusted, the support hand must be removed from the weapon to operate any kind of lever.


With piggyback systems one can combine the advantages of both “optics worlds”. But these solutions bring various disadvantages. In most cases, the height of the piggyback mounted red dot sights is too high to ensure a neat attack with at least the touch of the chin to the stock. In addition, the red dot sights used are almost exclusively mini red dots based on the principle of open construction (eg Docter Sight, RMR, MRDS, etc.). This makes them particularly susceptible to contamination, as even a small foreign body over the exit point of the light beam causes the point to be invisible.


Corvus Defensio now dares claim to have developed a solution for the most compact, elegant, robust and reliable Red Dot / Optic combination. For the first time it is possible to combine our personally favored optics of both worlds, namely a Trijicon TA33 Compact ACOG with an Aimpoint Micro (H and T models, version 1 and 2 as well as Holosun derivatives) with the lowest possible height. These advantages are particularly evident when this combination is used with a Steyr AUG with the special Corvus Defensio housing rails, as this further reduces the overall height.


The Corvus Defensio TA33 APM mount allows direct attachment of Aimpoint Micro and Holosun red dot sights to Compact ACOGs of the TA33 series with mounting bumpers originally designed for Trijicon’s RMR series. Attachment of an Aimpoint Micro still allows ACOG height adjustment control and can be fitted with a clear, hinged Aimpoint protective cover to prevent dirt from entering the assembly and obscuring the ACOG’s eyepiece. Like all our products, the assembly is made of high quality 7075 aluminum and is milled from solid and hard anodized.

This is a direct link to TA33 APM photo Montage from Corvus Defensio.

CORVUS DEFENSIO: www.corvusdefensio.com
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

SPARTANAT – Corvus Is Coming

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Corvus Shot Show Kopie

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Corvus Defensio announces its first presence at SHOT Show and is proud to unveil its partnership with Steyr Arms, Inc., who will distribute their whole line of products in the USA.
Corvus Defensio will be exhibiting its full product line of innovative and high quality accessory parts for the Steyr AUG rifle family.
Established in October 2016 the company immediately presented a wide range of upgrades for the most famous Bullpup rifle.

Corvus AUG Handguard

Their goal was to enhance the pros and overcome the cons of the Steyr AUG rifle, that just celebrated its 40th birthday. With their accessory parts Corvus Defensio answers the desire to utilize and manipulate the Steyr AUG like any other modern sports or military rifle to meet state of the art rifle training standards. The Case Deflector enables the user to shoot from the left shoulder around barricades. The Enhanced Magazine Release Button allows faster and more reliable mag changes. A wide variety of accessory receiver and barrel rail systems enhance the utilization of optics, back up sights, lasers, lights, slings and bipods. And their newest product is a free float Handguard system which is an attachment to their 35 Slot Receiver Rail. It enables the shooter to wrap around his support hand like with any AR15 system without getting burns or other injuries from the hot gas exhausting at the gas port. Corvus Defensio will also present a Case Deflector for the AUG NATO stock now.
Meet Corvus Defensio at the booth of Steyr Arms, Inc. at Shot Show 2018 (booth number 10246). The staff of Corvus Defensio is looking forward to discuss their products and their general experience with the Steyr AUG with visitors of Shot Show 2018!
Corvus Defensio: www.corvusdefensio.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEy1nDTYzhk

SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

Spartanat – New by Corvus Defensio: M1 Receiver Rail

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Corvus Defensio M1 1

Corvus Defensio from Austria, specialists for Steyr AUG upgrading, will present at IWA Nuremberg a new part for the bullpup: M1 Receiver Rail The features are similar to the AUG A3 35 Slot Receiver Rail, but without the front KeyMod section due to the special M1 Receiver interface.

Corvus Defensio M1 2

Trijicon ACOGs and Compact ACOGs can be directly mounted to the M16-Carry Handle like mounting slot and on either side it has integrated QD Sling Swivel attachment points. It weighs 117 g/4.1 oz and is CNC milled of 7075 aluminum with a hard anodized coating.

Corvus Defensio M1 3

IWA: https://www.iwa.info
Corvus Defensio: http://corvusdefensio.com
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

CORVUS DEFENSIO: Bringing the Steyr AUG to the 21st Century

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The Steyr AUG is a great rifle, but it somehow got stuck in the 70s’ when the select fire StG77 (StG is short for Sturmgewehr; German for assault rifle) was introduced with the Austrian Bundesheer (Army). There are licensed copies and clones, but the US-made MSAR did not differ significantly from the original design. The Steyr AUG A2 introduced a top rail and the A3 a bolt stop, but external as well as internal mods to the gun are rare and in between (CQC kit, Ratworx & Suarez parts). Thales did a complete rework of the Australian made F88 and introduced the modified F90 in the process. Mods from Steyr itself? Enjoy the silence…

Therefore a new company got in the game. Based in Vienna, Austria, its mission is to bring 21st century accessories to the end-users of the Steyr AUG. CORVUS DEFENSIO is tackling the deficiencies of the rifle with intelligent solutions designed by practical experience with the AUG in different environments.


One of the biggest problems of the AUG is ejecting the case into your face – which is a bullpup problem. The CORVUS DEFENSIO Case Deflector ejects cases forward or to the side and thus makes it ideal to shoot in every combat stance, from either shoulder, without any additional modifications or adaptations. Installation requires no drilling or modification to the stock as the two piece Case Deflector is simply plugged into the ejection port and tightened with two screws, the plastic stock is also protected against damage when an empty case is not completely ejected.


But CORVUS DEFENSIO is changing the whole rifle: The CORVUS DEFENSIO 35-Slot Receiver Rail offers a long, solid mounting solution for the attachment of optical aiming devices, iron sights, laser designators and other accessories.  The total length of the rail is the same as the rail length of an AR15 receiver and attached 9” (midlength gas system) railed handguard.  Unlike the AR15 receiver and handguard rails, the Corvus Defensio 35-Slot Receiver Rail is solid (monolithic) from front to rear.  Unlike the original Steyr AUG A3 rail, the Corvus Defensio Receiver Rail reaches almost to the ejection port, making it easier to use short eye-relief optics. It is equipped with two QD-Sling Swivel attachment points and an interface to directly mount ACOG rifle scopes. Integral limited rotation QD Sling swivel attachment points (also suitable for snap hooks, paracord, etc.). With much space for what the shooter needs: Keymod installation option in the front rail for mounting accessories on the sides.


Keymod is the choice of CORVUS DEFENSIO also when changing the traditional AUG grip to a rail with much more options. The CORVUS DEFENSIO Forward Accessory Rail revolutionizes the Steyr Aug’s mounting options.  Very simply, it replaces the original folding front grip and enables the mounting of a variety of accessories directly to the Keymod interface (e.g. front grips, bipods, etc.).  Direct mounting reduces weight and bulk, but if you want to use common Picatinny mounts, you can attach the Corvus Defensio 15-Slot or 4-Slot Keymod-Picatinny accessory rail sections to the Corvus Defensio Accessory Rail.


The AUG is also getting better with a new mag release: The CORVUS DEFENSIO Enhanced Magazine Release Button makes reloading faster and more reliable. When you go for limit (stress caused by competition or combat, wetness, numb or cold fingers, darkness, etc.) faulty operations with the original magazine release button may happen. Your thumb could slip aside because of the original releases’ outwardly curved form or you even might not be able to push the button far enough inside the housing because your thumb was not right in the center of it an gets caught at the stock. The issue of the original part is that the release of the magazine happens just when the button is already recessed in its port. The design of the CORVUS DEFENSIO replacement part prevents those situations reliably, thus ensuring a faster and more reliable magazine change.

CORVUS DEFENSIO also opts for a new sling mount: The CORVUS DEFENSIO Anti-Rotation Stock Cap Retainer Bolt Kit solves two problems that often occur when using the AUG professionally.  Because the original stock cap retainer bolt can be rotated around its axis, the sling can become twisted after repeated slinging and unslinging of the rifle.  This creates unpleasant pressure points on the shoulder and quick adjustable slings might also lose that function.  While the CORVUS DEFENSIO Anti-Rotation feature completely prevents twisting of the sling, the QD function allows for fast sling detachment, e.g. for disassembly and cleaning of the rifle.


All that is good already. But one of the biggest concerns shooters have with the Steyr AUG (and Bullpups in general) is the trigger system and how it performs. The original plastic trigger feels a bit like a single stage trigger with a hard pull and a creeping reset. CORVUS DEFENSIO was inspired by the idea of Ratworx and 2020 Precision to implant a standard AR15 trigger into the Steyr AUG. As it was not possible to obtain one of these triggers in Europe CORVUS DEFENSIO started to design their own Enhanced Trigger System. It´s rather tricky to accomplish a proper technical solution with a reliable trigger system that fulfills the expectations. But CORVUS DEFENSIO is on a good way to get a solution using in their opinion one of the best AR trigger systems that can be found. Namely ALG and Geissele Triggers. The fine tuning and the quality checks are still going on and the prototypes are very promising.

To draw the balance: Each item by CORVUS DEFENSIO is improving the Steyr AUG in a specific area, and as a package they revolutionize the rifle’s handling, modularity and capability. Starting October 26th, the first batch of accessories is becoming available, with more under development.

CORVUS DEFENSIO Internet: corvusdefensio.com
CORVUS DEFENSIO Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMpQah5jujy7xITndzhTtVQ