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SPARTANAT – Corvus Defensio puts Micro piggyback on Trijicon


The Corvus Defensio Aimpoint Micro assembly fulfills one of our long cherished wishes. With regard to optics systems for assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles, we have long been convinced by so-called “piggyback” solutions for many different reasons. Since nothing can replace a classic red dot sight without magnification – and parallax free at best – in close range and any lighting condition, modern rifles in sports and military are most likely seen with these kind of sights. But in both areas, these weapons can be used effectively up to 500 meters. Here (and in the area of target identification also at closer distances), however, magnifying optics are of greater advantage. One approach is to use variable magnification optics, which can typically be magnified from 1-3x up to 1-10x and used as a red dot sight at simple magnification. The disadvantage of these systems, however, is usually that even with 1x magnification it must be targeted through an optical lens system, including effects such as exit pupil, correct eye relief, sometimes slight distortions and the so-called “eye box” (the picture is only visible in a limited area). Furthermore, each time the magnification is to be adjusted, the support hand must be removed from the weapon to operate any kind of lever.


With piggyback systems one can combine the advantages of both “optics worlds”. But these solutions bring various disadvantages. In most cases, the height of the piggyback mounted red dot sights is too high to ensure a neat attack with at least the touch of the chin to the stock. In addition, the red dot sights used are almost exclusively mini red dots based on the principle of open construction (eg Docter Sight, RMR, MRDS, etc.). This makes them particularly susceptible to contamination, as even a small foreign body over the exit point of the light beam causes the point to be invisible.


Corvus Defensio now dares claim to have developed a solution for the most compact, elegant, robust and reliable Red Dot / Optic combination. For the first time it is possible to combine our personally favored optics of both worlds, namely a Trijicon TA33 Compact ACOG with an Aimpoint Micro (H and T models, version 1 and 2 as well as Holosun derivatives) with the lowest possible height. These advantages are particularly evident when this combination is used with a Steyr AUG with the special Corvus Defensio housing rails, as this further reduces the overall height.


The Corvus Defensio TA33 APM mount allows direct attachment of Aimpoint Micro and Holosun red dot sights to Compact ACOGs of the TA33 series with mounting bumpers originally designed for Trijicon’s RMR series. Attachment of an Aimpoint Micro still allows ACOG height adjustment control and can be fitted with a clear, hinged Aimpoint protective cover to prevent dirt from entering the assembly and obscuring the ACOG’s eyepiece. Like all our products, the assembly is made of high quality 7075 aluminum and is milled from solid and hard anodized.

This is a direct link to TA33 APM photo Montage from Corvus Defensio.

CORVUS DEFENSIO: www.corvusdefensio.com
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

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8 Responses to “SPARTANAT – Corvus Defensio puts Micro piggyback on Trijicon”

  1. Phil says:

    With the onset of true 1x variable scopes, what’s the point? 2004-2006 called, they want their acog backup red dot mount back.

  2. A Guest says:

    I coulda really used this 4 years ago…

  3. Adamn says:

    Passive nvg aiming.

    Instant switch from 1 power to magnified = cqc to medium distance.

    Improved nbc mask aiming.

    Variables have their advantages, but so do the piggybacks.

  4. Mark says:

    I would really be interested in this mount if it sat lower, and if it mounted the Aimpoint ACRO P1, instead.

    • DangerMouse says:

      I thought the same thing at first, using the ACRO as a piggyback. But the more I’ve learned about the ACRO, the more I don’t want it. Not yet anyway.

      The T-2 is the way to go in this use case. Or an RMR if you want.

  5. Biblicalviolence says:

    I understand having a piggyback for the sake of NVGs but wouldn’t a 1’o clock mount be superior, especially if a PEQ box is used?

  6. Hi everyone,

    Just a few quick answers to some of the comments, if we are allowed to do so here.

    We put our focus on niche products. Especially things that we always wanted to have for ourselves but that did not exist so far. So we are still big fans of piggyback red dots on fixed magnification optics. But we personally wanted to have a closed red dot sight. And we always loved the TA33. So we came up with this mount to put the Micro as low as possible on top of a TA33. To save even more height and weight we milled a mounting slot for the TA33 to our AUG receiver rail. Now it has the perfect height for a “straight head” chin weld in the groove o the AUG stock (pro mask, NVG passive, Peltors, unconventional shooting stances, etc.). The Micro is the primary optic and the TA33 is just seen as a “mount” as long as it is not used.
    The things we like compared to variable power optics:
    Half the weight, 2 seperated optics (spare), a raised red dot for above mentioned reasons, real red dot advantage (no eyebox, no eye relief, no exit pupil, maximum dot brightness, etc.), no need to use the support hand to change any settings, one battery free system that still has some night capabilities, 3 x optic is still efficient for 556, BDC, compact lenth, etc.

    Why not 1 o´clock? The system should be able to be used symmetrically. Aslo unconventional shooting stances and “slicing the pie” left AND right matters. As well as shoulder transitioning is a reason.

  7. SShink says:

    Oops, there goes your cheekweld.