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SHOT Show 18 – Arc’teryc LEAF Cold WX SVX

Earlier today I spoke with Arc’teryx’s Fred Norton about the LEAF Cold WX SVX.

Cold WX SVX is an amazing combination of design, materials, and manufacturing. Insulated with Goose down with a Gore-Tex face fabric, the ensemble consists of Parka and Bib Pant.


3 Responses to “SHOT Show 18 – Arc’teryc LEAF Cold WX SVX”

  1. Woody says:

    Liked the dig in there: “this isn’t for walking outside to warm up your car”. haha.

    • Kango says:

      It is very needed. You hear people complaining about X because it doesnt work for their urban lifestyle and call it a design flaw. Specialized gear are made for specialized applications.

  2. Lasse says:

    Any word on baffle construction? I realize they are boxes, but are they sewn or glued?