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Polaris Government and Defense Announces Recent Contracts with Latvia and Turkmenistan

Polaris® Government and Defense Signs a Two-Year Agreement with Latvia


Minneapolis, January 24, 2018 –  Latvian National Armed Forces has entered a two-year agreement with Polaris Government and Defense for vehicles via the U.S. government’s foreign military sales program. The approximately US$500 thousand contract is for undisclosed quantities of the Polaris MRZR® 2 side-by-side vehicles, SPORTSMAN® 6×6 and MV850™ all-terrain vehicles. The contract also includes spare parts for the vehicles, as well as operator and maintenance training, which will be conducted in country by Polaris.

“Latvia’s contract for MRZR 2 and ATVs will greatly enhance the mobility of their fleet in the Baltics, positively impacting their tactical advantage and support efforts to reinforce Latvia borders,” stated Doug Malikowski, director of international business development, Polaris Government and Defense.

Over the years, Latvia has strengthened security on the border due to increased regional disputes. The Polaris ultralight and all-terrain vehicles will be used primarily for border security. Polaris military vehicles provide off-road mobility for expeditionary forces in the U.S. and more than 25 allied countries to meet current and future mission demands and threats. Polaris service ranges throughout the world, creating a high degree of interoperability and commonality among U.S. and allied forces, such as Latvia.

Polaris vehicles ensure flexibility and modularity to support the various ranging uses including: border patrol, rapid personnel deployment, command and control, casualty and evacuation and supply transport missions. The vehicles are proven, reliable, and easily maintained through the Polaris global network.

Turkmenistan Special Operation Forces Equipped with Polaris Vehicles


Minneapolis, January 24, 2018 – The Turkmenistan Special Operation Forces has awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to Polaris Government and Defense for military and commercial vehicles. The Polaris vehicles provide mobility options to their combat commanders to pose multiple dilemmas to the enemy.

“Polaris is looking forward to supporting the Government of Turkmenistan and their defense forces as they update their ground vehicle fleet with Polaris lightweight tactical vehicles,” said Doug Malikowski, director of international business development. “The vehicles we provide are highly transportable, off-road capable and are relied on for helping Special Forces navigate restrictive and complex environments.”

Polaris was also honored to have had its vehicles featured in the Turkmenistan Independence Day parade. Polaris Government and Defense has other military customers in Central Asia including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

With seating for up to nine, DAGOR™ comprises the optimal balance of rapid air transportability, payload capacity and advanced mobility. DAGOR gives an advantage back to dismounted warfighters, allowing formations to move faster, carry more and significantly reduce combat fatigue. And its weight and size allow it to be internally transportable on a variety of in-service aircraft, including CH-47 and C-130.

The Polaris MRZR® platform is flexible and modular to support uses ranging from rapid personnel deployment, to command and control, casualty evacuation to supply transport missions. MRZRs have redefined ultralight, off-road mobility for military vehicles and are mission critical for expeditionary forces in the U.S. and allied countries.

The MV850™ is loaded with features which make it as comfortable as it is powerful. Operators experience less fatigue because the MV850 provides the smoothest, most responsive power steering available in an all-terrain vehicle, variable assist for easier steering and active descent control and engine breaking system work together to monitor and control descent and deceleration. A powerful engine, two fuel tanks and 270 kg (600 lbs) of total rack capacity make it optimal for long distances.

Polaris vehicles are proven, affordable, reliable and easily maintained throughout the lifecycle with a commercial supply chain and the Polaris global network. to meet current and future mission demands and threats. And because the vehicles are in service throughout the world, there is a high degree of interoperability and commonality among U.S. and allied forces.


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