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Outdoor Research Adds Colors Options For Ferrosi Jacket

I am a big fan of Outdoor Research’s Ferrosi Hooded Jacket. It’s a great Spring & Fall soft shell, shedding wind and light rain.


While there are some great “tactical” color options, the Ferrosi is great for every day wear and the new colors offer low viz options for those who want performance as well as the ability to blend in with the crowd. On the other hand, they’ve got two Red options for times when you need high visibility like service as a Range Cadre or SAR.

The Ferrosi features a Hood, Zipperrd handwarmer pockets, Zippered chest pocket, and Thumb loops.

The Fabric is a 90D 86% nylon/14% spandex stretch woven ripstop body and hood combined with a 120D Cordura blend 91% nylon/9% spandex stretch woven shoulders and lower sleeves.


13 Responses to “Outdoor Research Adds Colors Options For Ferrosi Jacket”

  1. Joe says:

    I use Arc exclusively for outerwear, but i’m very tempted to try this out. Anyone have experience/advice in terms of fit?

    • Dsr2675 says:

      I’m 6”, 180lb, athletic. The large fits me great, but be aware this is an athletic fit. Also, the fabric is thinner/lighter than some softshells. I cannot carry at 3 o’clock without printing. AIWB should be fine unless you have a gut. I’m very pleased with mine and wear it mainly for hiking and winter trail running.
      The new coyote/fatigue color looks great!

      • Joe says:

        Very cool. I’m 5’11, 170, athletic and most Arc items in medium fit me like a glove. If this is similar is build I think i’ll try out that peacock/saddle colorway.

    • benb says:

      The Ferrosi is the most versatile jacket I have ever owned. It can wear it from about 50-70deg. It is great for layering. If I put a down jacket under it I can use it into the 30s and it gives the down wind and rain resistance. I will often wear it under rain wear if its warm so that my skin is not touching the hard shell (I always think goretex feels “clamy” if its next to the skin.

      I have a cyote/walnut one which is a great color. The new brown one above looks like a good color too. I wish they would make one in all dark green (I think OR calls it Kale).

    • straps says:

      I wear Arc in Large and this jacket may as well have been cut for the same fit model.

  2. Dsr2675 says:

    Looking at their new arrivals, OR appears to have a ton of stuff now in “fatigue” color, i.e. OD green. I’ve been very pleased with the OR items I have. Glad to see them in more subdued colors.

  3. Lerch says:

    Guess I will need to pick a 3rd one of these. Thumb holes are a great improvement in my opinion. This and a hard shell fills my needs for most of the year on the wet side of Washington.

    • J.V. says:

      I find it amazing how opinions can differ! I was so happy to snag a couple of the Ferrosi Hoodies in the solid coyote brown (no two-tone difference between the fabrics) BEFORE they introduced the thumb holes. I didn’t like the way they implemented the thumb holes at all, too gimicky. Anyway, we both agree that these jackets are awesome!

  4. corsair says:

    For a category that has fallen on hard times, the Ferrosi is one of the very few enduring styles.

  5. Gary says:

    SSD, I bought one on your previous recommendation and love it! Extremely versatile.

  6. James says:

    More solid colors please! Mushroom , pewter, fatigue , and saddle. I love my solid mushroom collared jacket, but miss the hood.

  7. Stickman says:

    The two tone brown looks as good as any commercial / military / other camo I’ve seen. At least for general purpose wear in the right seasons.

  8. Yellow Fever says:

    They are athletic fit and on the thin sid interns of material thickness. I’m athletic 5’7 170lbs and it fits me perfectly. Great for layering or spring/fall jacket. The thumb holes are a big plus from the older model.