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Blackwater Ammunition Launches Global Brand, Products and Operations

World famous Blackwater founder and owner Erik Prince, gun and ammunition designer Nicola Bandini and gun and ammunition importer and distributor James Fenech selected the opening of international firearms, ammunition and hunting exhibition IWA 2018 in Nurnberg, Germany, to announce the birth of a totally new industrial venture, Blackwater Ammunition.

The new commercial Brand, in short named BWA as it appears on the headstamping of the new lines of manufactured centerfire, metallic cartridges, comes as the global offshoot of the parent Company, PBM Limited, the acronym of Precision Ballistic Manufacturing, set in the territory of Malta (EU) a small group of islands not far from the coasts of Italy and Lybia.

At IWA 2018, Blackwater Ammunition introduces a whole line of centerfire metallic calibers both for pistols and rifles, ranging from 9 Luger, to .45 ACP, to .223 REM/5,56×45, .308 WIN/7,62×51 and the mighty 12,7×99/.50 BMG, as well as a line of antiriot shotgun specialty ammunition in the 12 Gauge range, including solid copper expansive projectiles.

.40 S&W and .338 Lapua Magnum will be launched in 2019, as well as a couple of other proprietary calibers for the Military and Law Enforcement uses.

The new centerfire lines will be both available for the commercial, shooter’s and general civilian markets, offered in distinctive black boxes (Standard and Signature Series) as well as to the professional Military, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies worldwide, offered in rugged, all weather desert tan boxes (Professional Line).

Furthermore, in the spirit of the leading wish to innovate, Blackwater Ammunition sets to the world market with a considerable line of proprietary bullets profiles and design, in the field of the green revolution (lead-free), while approaching the large scale manufacturing from a totally new industrial perspective.

The lines of over 20 new bullet designs, ranging in all calibers, including the .50 BMG, are the result of years of study, R&D and hundreds of shooting sessions, both using ballistic laboratory and proof barrels and market standards in rifles and pistols research.



2 Responses to “Blackwater Ammunition Launches Global Brand, Products and Operations”

  1. Chris from Cali says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder just how much NEW development they could possibly have achieved with such common and well-researched calibers as 9mm, .223REM/5.56×45, .308WIN/7.62×51, and .50BMG/12.7×99…?