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MATBOCK Monday || The Sheath


The first patented retractable lanyard riggers belt has just been released by MATBOCK.  It incorporates a 4000 lbs Kevlar lanyard with Dyneema stitching at the load point into your normal riggers belt.  The operator can simply pull on the 2 stage carabiner to extend the lanyard and hook into the helicopter or hoist system.  After detaching, the lanyard automatically retracts back into the belt.  Instead of having to stuff the lanyard into a pocket or have a loop near his/her hip as a snag hazard, the operator’s lanyard is tucked away until needed again.  Furthermore, the Kevlar lanyard is spliced at both ends and the Dyneema stitching at the hot point prevents decay from salt water, possibly compromising the safety of the operator during an emergency situation.  This initial version has a fixed length 20-inch lanyard to be at arm’s length for most soldiers.

MATBOCK expects to release an adjustable length lanyard with an emergency release system in the next month to comply with SOCOM requirements.

S – 28-34 in
M – 30-40 in
L – 32-45 in
XL – 32-49 in



5 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday || The Sheath”

  1. Adun says:

    Out of curiosity, what is the service life of this product? I know most people end up wearing riggers belts for years and years, but does a product like this have a functional lifespan similar to other fall protection/positioning devices? I know full body harnesses and the like generally have a 5 year lifespan for example.

    • MATBOCK_CEO says:

      Great question and something that we already have developed into the product. Currently, it will have a 3-5 year lifespan and this might change depending on how frequent the operator is using the retention lanyard. The only “consumable” part of this product is the bungee, which is easily replaced without sending it back to us. We will be adding the replacement bungee section to the website soon. Let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

      • Adun says:

        Thank you for the quick response! I currently work with fall protection a lot as a safety manager and something like this could be a great positioning device for the industrial world as well to supplement a full body harness.

        Are you looking to get additional certifications to move this configuration past the military world and into general industry by any chance?

  2. d says:

    Pretty clever.

    Will the lanyard still retract if there’s a load-bearing belt worn on top of the riggers belt?

    Where and how does the lanyard tie into the belt? At the rear?

    • Matbock says:

      The lanyard is held at the front. The belt holds a stainless steel ring up front next to the buckle. The end of the lanyard has a stainless steel ring as well that will not pass through the ring mounted to the belt. The bungee actually holds no weight and it’s sole purpose is to retract the lanyard when not in use. The bungee is attached at the back of the belt.
      The belt is not designed to have another belt over it. The sheath can have load bearing gear on it like grenade pouches and a pistol holster. A looped holster and pouches work well.