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Gore Showcasing Proven-Over-Time Cables, Materials, and Fabrics For Military and Defense Applications

ELKTON, MD, APRIL 19, 2018 — W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) will be exhibiting products from GORE® Cables and Materials and GORE® Military Fabrics at the 2018 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, TN, April 25-27, Booth 2119. For more than 30 years, Gore has provided advanced technical solutions proven to meet the U.S. Military’s complex global challenges, ensuring operational readiness and success every time.

High-Performance Cables & Materials

Gore will be highlighting its full collection of GORE® Cables and Materials for military land systems and aircraft applications. Thoroughly tested and qualified to the most stringent military specifications, they are proven to perform without failure in the harshest conditions for lifetime performance. All of Gore’s rugged solutions are available in a variety of compact, highly flexible and routable designs. Products that will be on display include high data rate cables, high power/signal delivery cables, high-frequency microwave/RF assemblies, and excellent EMI shielding materials.

Also on display will be durable GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials that have been proven to solve many aircraft sealing and surface protection challenges. These lightweight, non-curing tapes and gaskets simplify aircraft assembly, increase throughput, and reduce life-cycle costs.

Next-Gen Fabrics for Ultimate Comfort & Protection

Gore will be featuring best-in-class protective clothing for all branches of the U.S. Military. Fire-resistant innovations include GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology which offers enhanced protection by balancing flame resistance, thermal insulation, and thermal stability with comfort. This unique technology self-extinguishes flames so that the fabric does not continue to burn.

Also on display will be Gore’s lightweight Fire-Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) engineered with specialized flame-retardant and antistatic properties that withstand heat and flame threats encountered during combat. FREE EWOL (Extreme Weather Outer Layer) is designed with a Nomex® outer layer; a durably waterproof, windproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane; and a Nomex® liner.

For more information about GORE® Cables and Materials and GORE® Military Fabrics, visit Gore at the 2018 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, TN, April, 25-27, in Booth 2119. Additional details can be found at gore.com/AAAA2018.


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