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Arc’teryx LEAF Assault LT Uniform Featuring Gore Katana Fabric

Arc’teryx LEAF Assault LT Uniform Featuring Gore Katana Fabric

Although we’ve mentioned the Assault LT ensemble by Arc’teryx LEAF a couple of times in the past, many don’t know that it is made with a fabric developed specifically for he military market by WL Gore & Associates, called Katana.

Katana incorporates ePTFE ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber technology and is lightweight, breathable, fast drying and no melt/no drip making it great for use in hot environments. Essentially, the inclusion of ePTFE in the standard 50/50 NYCO, improves the blend. Arc’teryx further tuned the uniform with 520E Tweave and Cyberknit mesh.

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The advantages of Katana are many:
-Low wet pick-up for faster dry time
-Faster dry time with moisture absorption
-High mechanical durability (break & tear strength)
-High strength to weight ratio (weight reduction)
-Low coefficient of friction offers low, wet cling and improved hand
-Tunable with other fiber blends inherent characteristics, like FR

Assault Shirt LT

-PPE compatible allowing the shirt to be functionally worn with body armour
-Low profile zip neck allowing collar to be worn either open or as a neck protector
-Arm cuff velcro closures allowing for fully enclosed sleeves
-Upper arm zip pockets allowing for convenient pocket accessibility when wearing PPE
-Upper arm IFF Velcro 4×4.5” (w/V-Lite™ retention ring) enhancing the retention of electronic IFF devices
-Daisy chain hard points (in upper arm pockets) allowing for the tying off of mission essential equipment
-Mesh pocket bag liners (upper arm pocketing) allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the shirt is wet

Assault Pant LT

-Adjustable waist (c.2”) allowing for waist sizing flexibility
-Enhanced belt loops allowing for the use of the LEAF Rigger’s system
-Retention loops (sewn into waistline) allowing for the tying off of personal items
-Reinforced knees & gusseted crotch allowing for increased durability and enhancing end-user mobility
-Hand pockets (w/internal folding knife pocket) allowing for the secure carriage of a standard folding knife
-Seat pockets allowing for optional/extra storage
-Expandable cargo button pockets capable of providing dump pocket capability
-Draw cord ankle cuff closure (w/vertical retention tunnel for adjustment end) allowing for pants to be worn tightly with boots
-Mesh pocket bag/knee pad insert liners allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the pant is wet
-Soft knee pad insert capable allowing the end-user an option to insert soft knee pads

Recce Shirt LT

The Recce Shirt LT is made from the same Katana fabric as the other items and features a user removable zipper closure down the front and mesh breathability panels inside the dual chest pockets.


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11 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF Assault LT Uniform Featuring Gore Katana Fabric”

  1. Wake27 says:

    Just got a pair of the pants, they feel pretty awesome but I have to get a chance to wear them.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m done with them after their little “defending public lands” stunt.

  3. WagenCAV says:

    So…Hot Weather as in jungle? I thought 50/50 NYCO wasn’t ideal for that.

    • SSD says:

      It’s not. In fact, NYCO sucks all around. Katana has a much higher breathability than NYCO, off the top of my head, about four times as breathable.

  4. Vemund says:

    If you want tp pay $ 2000,- for it…

  5. JMAA says:

    Are any other colours available for the Katana fabric, and any word on whether the dead bird will release any of these in them?

    • SSD says:

      Currently, it’s not, but could be. It’s all about meeting fabric minimums. Gore has produced other performance fabrics in other colors.

  6. H says:

    Does anyone care to speculate why reputable companies like Arc’teryx use terms like ‘no melt, no drip’ in their marketing materials? It seems borderline misleading to me – I have heard so many people who should know better using this term interchangeably with ‘Flame Resistant’. I’ve even had reps from suppliers tell me that “no melt no drip and FR are the same thing”.
    Alternatively can someone in the industry tell me what their criteria for ‘no melt no drip’ is? Fibre content (i.e. what % cotton must a NyCo blend have to be ‘no melt no drip’)? Tested to any standards? Or is it simply “we burned it and it didn’t melt”? Keen to hear some thoughts.

    • SSD says:

      The military uses the term “No Melt, No Drip”. It’s how the material behaves in burn tests. It will burn, but not melt or drip into the body. FR fabric won’t burn.

    • Gear Guy says:

      No melt, No drip means exactly what is says, the fabric will not melt or drip when subjected to flame. Cotton, is a no melt, no drip/FR fabric for this very reason. NFPA 1975, https://www.nfpa.org/codes-and-standards/all-codes-and-standards/list-of-codes-and-standards/detail?code=1975, provides a significant amount of test criteria for these types of fabrics. DoD also has a similar test protocols for FR fabrics.

      The majority of flame/fire related injuries occur when fabric melts or drips onto the skin, which causes secondary injuries to the victim. This is why you see “No Melt, No Drip” used in a lot of descriptions. These fabrics are not traditional FR fabrics like Nomex, which has to self extinguish during a certain period of time, however they are considered FR materials, as they will not induce secondary injuries to the wearer.