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US Navy Testing 2-Piece FR Uniforms

Referred to as the Maritime Heritage Maritime Utility, the US Navy is currently testing 2-piece Flame Resistant garments for wear underway, in lieu of the current Coverall, which is also undergoing an FR makeover.

Testing began 14 May but the concept has been on the drawing board since last year. The Heritage variants replicate traditional sea service uniforms, with a Khaki shirt and pant for Officers and Chiefs and a Blue version for lower enlisted and noncommissioned Sailors.

Interestingly, the Blue version is similar in appearance to the old Dungarees, but one style harkens all the way back to the Dark Blue on Dark Blue of enlisted deck wear, worn up until WWII. Another option, replaces the Dark Blue shirt with a Light Blue, similar to the Chambray shirts worn until the advent of the current Navy Working Uniform.

Below, you can see all three options currently being evaluated.

Design Features in the Test


• Untucked shirt that can be tucked in during general quarters (GQ)
• Covered button placket, six buttons — no top button
• Exposed six buttons — no top button
• External patch pockets with flap stitched on three sides
• Pen pocket with two channels on left sleeve
• Rolled 1/4″ hem, curved front and back that rises up at the side seam (men)
• Adjustable two button cuff
• Sleeves can be rolled to the forearm or to the bicep
• Back yoke with box pleat
• Side panel for female fit (women)
• Internal signle welt pocket with hidden zipper closure, pen pocket inside
• Drifire Fabric


• Internal thigh pocket flap with velcro
• 1/4 top side pockets
• External patch pockets with flap stitched on three sides
• Wider waistband for rigger belt
• Wider belt loops for rigger belt
• Button closure at waist
• Waistband with concealed elastic for adjustability
• Reinforced cuff to prevent fraying
• Cell phone pocket, single welt with zipper closure (only on Test Code D)
• Internal single welt back pocket with zipper closure
• Drifire Fabric

Flame Resistant Undershirts

• Drifire Fabric

Molder Boots

Most Sailors currently serving won’t be familiar with these, low cut, slip-on boots.

Participating Commands

West Coast
Commander, Carrier Strike Group 9 (CSG-9)
Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMNAVSURFPAC)
Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific Fleet
• Commander, US 3rd Fleet
• USS Nimitz
• USS Montgomery
• USS Maine
• USS Jefferson City
• USS Bunker Hill
• VFA 97
• VFA 151

East Coast
• US Fleet Forces Command
• USS McFaul
• USS Nitze
• HSC-2
• VFA 83
• VFA 105
• VR 56

Outside Continential US (OCONUS)
• USS Devestator
• USS Monsoon
• USS Squall
• USS Tempest
• USS Thunderbolt
• USS Carney

Meanwhile, the Canadian Navy is considering this working uniform, displayed at the recent CANSEC by developer Logistik Unicorp. Initially it was baggier and based on a prototype ground Combat Uniform. After slimming the garment slightly, they are now working on zipper and button options.

This Canadian uniform is much closer to the Modern 2-Piece garment also being considered by the US Navy which adapts the cut of the Digital Woodland camouflage Navy Working Uniform Type III, to a similar Tan and Dark Blue color scheme of the Heritages Uniform being tested here. It also introduces FR fabrics to protect Sailors from shipboard hazards.

No matter which uniform the Navy eventually adopts, it will be Organizational Clothing, like the currently issued Coverall. Sailors will wear the Black Fleece Jacket or an upcoming FR Fleece Jacket with this uniform.

All photos from US Navy except Canadian Navy prototype uniform.

31 Responses to “US Navy Testing 2-Piece FR Uniforms”

  1. Ed says:

    “and a Blue version for lower enlisted and non-commissioned Sailors.”

    Love it! They do make us feel “lower” most days! Ha-ha

    All kidding aside, It is beyond ridiculous that after all these uniform “F___K up’s” they circle back to where they left off. You look at that Canadian design and you think, “why the F___ can’t we look like that??!

    The level of ineptitude and hubris is beyond stunning at those higher levels of our great military institutions.

  2. SVGC says:

    Man, the Navy has been pulling a rope-a-dope on their squids with all this uniform business just to kinda circle back like Ed stated. But I actually like these uniforms. Maybe that’s because they’re similar to what I was used to seeing, but they look appropriate, fairly sharp, and comfortable. I do think It would be cool to see actual Dungarees but I know that’s not happening.

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    Chelsea Boots? Very Mod!

    I’m not a sailor, but I do think the uniform idea is on the right track…keep the relevant parts of heritage, and upgrade with fire resistance!

  4. jbgleason says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that shirt hanging out looks like ass?

    Either design a top meant to be worn untucked (like the CAN uniform above) or wear it tucked. Making a top designed for both situations makes it look unkempt and unprofessional when out.

    • SVGC says:


    • Ed says:

      I concur, When I see different uniforms un-tucked I thi9nk they always look like maternity shirts or such.

    • THayes says:

      On top of looking like you just rolled out of the rack, it could be a hazard in a mechanical space. First time a Sailor gets that untucked garbage caught in a piece of machinery and gets injured, Sailors will not be able to wear it in certain spaces on ship. Instead of re-inventing the wheel just tuck that mess in and go back to the simple gas station attendant working uniform.

  5. BAP45 says:

    So…. maternity clothes for all?

    • Iheartptbelts says:

      That was the first thing I thought. All three versions look like maternity uniforms, the all blue looks just like the Coast Guard duty uniform.

  6. FormerDirtDart says:

    Just adopt the USCG ODUs already. The NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps and USPHS Commissioned Corps already have

  7. SN says:

    More proof that uniform re-designs are not needed. They could have updated fabrics and saved a couple of re-designs, though removing the arm pockets is probably a mistake.

  8. Horshack says:

    bros! My ATL wants to rock these for breech ops! THe boots are sick! My TL wares a size 8.5 EEE. THey make these in extra wide?

    • Jonathan Demler says:

      Horshack are you guys thinking blue or tan? Because if you’re doing night ops the dark blue would be awesome, but if you’re in the day maybe tan? I’m glad they’re FR because I heard that in breech ops you could get burned by the c4s that you need to blow heavy doors.

      • Horshack says:

        bros! My TL wants to go tan with the color buT my ATL says dark blue for door crash ops and black ops. If we can get a grant money, we might be able to by both colors for are four man team! has anyone thought about making these reversable? Id by the boots on my own dime!

  9. pbr549 says:

    Holy shit, those boots are….fuck it, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  10. Unimog says:

    Sloppy. I assume it’s hidden reasoning is for this current generation. After all being told what to do and how to do it, like tucking in a shirt or checking your gig line well that’s to many rules.

  11. GreenTip556 says:

    Tgat uniform looks like a dumpster fire….Thr dudes look lile strait cholo and the females look like they are wearing service dress preggers…Kust use the NWU pattern they have been using. Service unity, less maintnance, and you might actually see someone who pulls an Oscar in the Big Blue….

    I mran SERIOUSLY….THIS is what they are wasting money on???? Are we THAT close to October federal fiscal budget???

    Why is the Navy so damn determined to differentiate Sailors and waste money doing it?

  12. abp says:

    LMFAO! The “Janitor” uniforms(light blue top with dark blue pants) are back! I was in the Army and we always LOL’ed at the sailors when they showed up to class (at DLI) in those. I’d never seen that uniform prior to enlisting.

  13. CapnTroy says:

    UGH! Are you frickin’ kidding me…?!

    The only reason to have the shirts untucked is so the fat bodies that can’t make the weight requirement can try to hid their bellies & asses…

    Another Navy fail.

  14. Buckaroomedic says:

    I think they should make the trousers bell bottoms if they really want to go “heritage”.

  15. demure says:

    I’m liking the navy blue tops and bottoms. Seems more sensible than the blue digitals ever were, and not going to instantly show dirt/work like the old light blue tops did.