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ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Sneak Peek : Safariland Adjustable Universal Belt Loop

Safariland Universal Belt Loops have become very popular as they allow the quick swap of holsters. This can be different holsters to a common platform or the same holster to different platforms.

This new Adjustable UBL allows the user to select both ride height and cant.

There are three different ride heights and multiple cant selections.

It’s so new, it doesn’t yet have a part number, price, or availability date.

Coming soonish from Safariland.


10 Responses to “ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Sneak Peek : Safariland Adjustable Universal Belt Loop”

  1. SVGC says:

    Does this quick adjust like the S&S extended GRT? I love the quick ride height adjustment of the GRT for when an individual has to throw a ruck on. If this is similar at a cheaper price, I could see it being a popular choice.

  2. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Surprised it took so long to see this but glad it’s on the way.

    • Matthew Kime says:

      They often take longer than we would prefer, but I will say this about Safariland: when it hits the streets, their products are tested and duty ready.

  3. USMCRET says:

    Now just make it to be able to adjust to different sized belts and it would be perfect.

    • jbgleason says:

      Safariland already has inserts that go in the belt channel to adjust for different size belts. They just require a screw driver to install. A toolless option would be cool though.

  4. TXcop says:

    Does this effect the retention rating of the holster? Also do you have any idea what the yield strength is for the adjustment mechanism? Thank you sir.

  5. Tcba_joe says:

    Yes, please. I would love to get the S&S, but I can’t justify it. Would definitely get the Safariland version.

  6. Kango says:

    About bloody time!