Sneak Peek – Adaptiv.X Brings Something For The Ladies

Here’s a a sneak peek at what Adaptiv.X has coming in the near future; functional women’s athletic carry apparel. Designed and developed by Navy SEAL’s (they might know a thing or two about defense). It incorporates their patented IWS technology allowing you to carry whatever self defense tools you could ever need, including their custom designed holsters.

Concealment, comfort, retention and security.

Made in USA. Very early prototype depicted. Shown with holster, G10 blade and pistol magazine pouch. Stay tuned because adaptiv.x is “Changing the way you think by what you wear.”


11 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Adaptiv.X Brings Something For The Ladies”

  1. Gerard says:

    Two issues with that picture, carrier tight to the body a woman will find the end of that Glock right belowher lower ribs, which wont be comfortable. And material like that makes it impossible to reholster a pistol once it is drawn

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Looks like a Kydex holster is in the equation, amigo.

    • PNWTO says:

      That’s a relatively common carry position for both sexes and if you were to look up the apparel/gear there is a rigid holster involved.

    • Nunya250 says:

      So, that’s not a Glock. It is a Sig P365, also it is utilizing a rigid holster that is secured with the ADAPTIV-X IWS system.

  2. Brendan Fries says:

    “Designed and developed by Navy SEAL’s (they might know a thing or two about defense)”


    • Jack says:

      Kind of thinking the same thing. God bless them for their service but that doesn’t always translate into an effective product for the rest of us.

    • Gerard says:

      Now that SEALs are designing womans clothing they can start producing womans shoes…

    • SSD says:

      It’s Dom Raso and Co.

    • Nunya250 says:

      They could have said “designed and developed by instagram tactical experts” and then you’d all be on board. It’s funny the lack of knowledge, and scary the amount of misinformation being shared and interpreted as gospel by social media heroes. Thank you for your service though guys.

  3. Jameson; neat says:

    What holster?

  4. Sgt A says:

    No shame, I’d be down for the dude jeggings, if they breathe well.