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ATS Tactical Gear – Low Level Clothing System

ATS Tactical Gear has introduced their Low Level Clothing System which consists of a plate carrier, low visibility chest harness and shirt. What makes this unique is that they’ve never reduced the items in Grey Man colors. For example, this Clay.

The Plate Carrier is sized around ESAPI plates and sizes and the chest harness can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the plate carrier by using the included strap hangers. The shirt can be used in combination with either of the other parts of the system, and is modified to accept the low visibility chest harness to its front, whether using the plate carrier or not.

Available in Black, Light Olive, Loden, British Tan, Brown and Clay; sized Small – 2XLarge, in long or short sleeves.



8 Responses to “ATS Tactical Gear – Low Level Clothing System”

  1. Hernando says:

    Something tells me GarandThumb will be all over this.

  2. Ray Forest says:

    The idea is cool. I’m not sure how well it plays out in reality but good on them for bringing something different out. How does the chest rig attach at the bottom to prevent movement? I don’t see anything in the description. This and the Velocity Systems magnetic placard are good attempts at giving fast flexibility to low viz operations.

    • Roecar says:

      I think that T-Shirt is the chest rig. There might be additional attachment buckles not seen.

      • Chris K. says:

        The Shirt has slots in it to allow a straps/harnesses through and enough room to allow access to SwiftClip buckles for direct mounting a chest rig to a vest underneath. Definitely an innovative idea with a wide range of possibilities from multiple brands.

  3. Michael Lose says:

    There are two points of contact that connect to a hidden torso strap

  4. Roy Woodall says:

    This reminds me of an old IRA trick. They used to hide Sten sub guns in the boot of their cars by painting them to match their lug wrench and jack.

  5. TM says:

    Somewhere a shark is being jumped. There is nothing low profile about this.