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AFSOC Seeks Information On Personalized Tourniquet Systems Blood Flow Restrictor

Hurburt Field’s 1st Special Operations Contracting Squadron has issued a Sources Sought Notice, for Market Research purposes only, for potential sources of developing and/or providing equipment similar to the Owens Recovery Science personalized Tourniquet System or an equivalent product.

The equivalent product must be able to control/restrict blood flow to limb for rehabilitation of damaged/weak muscle tissue, include timer controls to automatically maintain pressure or deflate when time has expired, safety alarms to warn of cuff over and under pressurization, and must measure occlusion in mmHg (standard blood pressure measurement: systolic/diastolic pressure).

For full details, visit www.fbo.gov.

3 Responses to “AFSOC Seeks Information On Personalized Tourniquet Systems Blood Flow Restrictor”

  1. Joe says:

    how much do you want to bet they just got bored of exercising in the hyperbaric chamber and now just want to play around with katsu training.

  2. Joe says:

    Where everyone else would just use a elastic band, leave it to the airforce to insist on a $5,000 computer system.

    • DSM says:

      It would appear they need the “elastic band” to do more than be “elastic” however and is either being driven by need, or, more likely advancement in wound treatment in transport to a medical facility.