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Revision Purchases Power Tech Company, Protonex

Essex Junction, Vermont (October 18, 2018) – Revision—a world leader in both soldier-worn and platform power solutions— has acquired Protonex Technology Corporation, a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems. Protonex has deployed thousands of portable power solutions globally, and their products align well with Revision’s Nerv Centr® soldier power solutions.

The Revision® Nerv Centr® Power Management Systems are forward-thinking solutions for a wired battlefront, reducing weight burden and eliminating battery life uncertainty. At right is Nerv CentrSharePack™, an advanced lightweight, conformal lithium-ion power pack that integrates power provision and management into one unit. At left is the Nerv CentrSoloPack™, a rugged, high power density lithium-ionbattery offering high power density and state-of-charge display.

“In Protonex, Revision is acquiring an established player in the soldier power management solutions area. Their specialized product focus—particularly their power managers—perfectly complements Revision’s soldier power portfolio,” said Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay. “With Protonex we are not simply acquiring their advanced technology, but also their talented workforce and engineering expertise. We will now be in an even better position to realize our vision of integrated power and data solutions to enhance warfighter survivability and lethality. Revision is a growth company that seeks complementary diversification; we’ve demonstrated this with expansion across every dimension of our business, but also through proactive acquisitions—including our purchase of MSA’s helmet business in 2012 and Panacis power systems in 2014. This is not just an opportunity to grow Revision’s power management capabilities; it’s also an ideal moment to invigorate Protonex’s established product lines.”

The Protonex® SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is a tough and compact device which weighs less than a pound and enables military units to optimize power for multiple electronic devices.  

In its history, Protonex has innovated in fuel cell design, invented the modern Intelligent Power Manager, and grown to become a leading provider of advanced power solutions for portable, remote, and mobile applications. Protonex’s commitment to providing solutions that overcome energy gaps for military, scientific, and commercial communities will continue.

For the immediate future, Protonex will operate under the Revision name as a stand-alone entity in Southborough, MA, under the continuing stewardship of David Long, General Manager. Current customer contracts and orders will be fulfilled as planned and Revision will take care to minimize disruption for customers and suppliers. Simultaneously, Revision will pursue business opportunities that leverage Protonex technology and know-how to provide increased capabilities and effectiveness to global warfighters.


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6 Responses to “Revision Purchases Power Tech Company, Protonex”

  1. Rodney says:

    Awesome! Revision is known for actually answering emails.

  2. MattF says:

    Odd that this is a news release by Revision now since it had been reported over a month ago: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/ballard-signs-agreement-to-divest-non-core-power-manager-business-2018-08-31-18202310

    • Richie says:

      That was when they agreed to buy, now they have done so (lots of red tape)

      • Lawrence says:

        That is correct. First Ballard had to announce their decision to sell and Revision their intent to buy, then it had to clear all the legal and financial steps necessary to close the deal…

  3. G1E says:

    Some very capable folks at both companies, look forward to what is next!