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Hush Puppy Project Brings Back Hush Puppy Pistols, Silencers and Ammunition

The Hush Puppy Project®, in conjunction with Super Vel ammunition, will be releasing a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm based pistol featuring a patent pending Slide Locking Device (SLD) at SHOT show 2019.  To take full advantage of the locked breech capabilities of the pistol, a new silencer design (the Model 1) featuring modular components and hybrid technology will be released at the same time.  The pistol and silencer have been specifically tuned to provide maximum signature reduction with Super Vel’s Hush Puppy 147 grain FMJ subsonic ammunition.

Hush Puppy’s® M&P 2.0 pistol can be fired in semi-automatic or locked breech mode.  With the SLD engaged, the slide is restricted from cycling, thus eliminating all mechanical sounds of the gun and directing all gasses through the silencer. The original use of a slide lock device was on the Mk 22 Mod 0 pistol fielded by the U.S. Navy SEALs in Vietnam; it was also based on a S&W pistol (Model 39) and was commonly known as the “Hush Puppy.”  In addition to a Hush Puppy® slide lock device, the M&P pistol comes with a factory threaded barrel and factory suppressor height sights.

Available separately, but designed for, the Hush Puppy® pistol is a modular silencer of novel design incorporating both mono core- and wipe-style sound reduction systems. This hybrid design is comprised of three modules and is called the Hush Puppy® Model 1 silencer. The modular design allows for the silencer to be shot in multiple configurations including a hearing safe K configuration and multiple dry and wet wipe configurations for maximum sound reduction.  This unparalleled modularity has been dubbed “Tunable Technology” and allows the shooter to tailor the silencer to varying levels of size, weight and sound reduction based on their needs.  

Lastly, the Hush Puppy Project’s sister company, Super Vel Ammunition®, manufactured the original subsonic Mark 144 9mm Luger ammunition for the Mk 22 Mod 0 pistol from 1967 to 1973.  Building on this experience, the modernized Hush Puppy® pistol and Model 1 silencer are designed to function best with Super Vel’s Hush Puppy 147 gr. FMJ subsonic ammunition.  Also available is a special purpose 115 grain subsonic EXPANDING Solid Copper Hollow Point loading for the Model 1 K can configuration (not for use with the Model 1 wipe modules).

Hush Puppy Project products will be exclusively distributed by Lipsey’s.  Come see the new products at Super Vel’s SHOT show booth 1720 or at Lipsey’s booth 11329. Hush Puppy® is a registered trademark. The Hush Puppy Project® and Lipsey’s are based in Baton Rouge, La. www.hushpuppyproject.com   [email protected]

8 Responses to “Hush Puppy Project Brings Back Hush Puppy Pistols, Silencers and Ammunition”

  1. Hubb says:

    That modular suppressor looks interesting. I would be careful firing hollow points through a wet can though.

    • Alpha2 says:

      I would not shoot hp’s at all thru a wipe style can.

      • jbgleason says:

        …special purpose 115 grain subsonic EXPANDING Solid Copper Hollow Point loading for the Model 1 K can configuration (not for use with the Model 1 wipe modules).


      • mike says:

        I would not shoot anything through a a wipe style can (that is rated for 5-10 rounds before the wipes need to be replaced). I mean it’s a cool throwback and all but the ruling on wipes being suppressor parts completely gimps this for the “regular people” market.

        • Piglet says:

          You’re a little behind the times. You can do one for one wipe replacements.

        • Chad Bell says:

          These wipes and this complete system has been tested and the man doing the project has been getting anywhere between 18-25 rounds through the wipes before they need to be replaced. That is with FMJ rounds. HP’s should not be sent through these. The “Pill Bottle” was designed to be able to be sent back directly to the manufacturer via USPS as it is not serialized and they are legal for you to mail yourself, them to replace the wipes and send directly back to you without having to use an FFL/SOT dealer. SuperVel is making FMJ, subsonic 9mm ammo for this project to completely round it out and for best result it is recommended to use this ammo.

    • Chad Peterson says:

      that’s a good point. even for 22s. prolly depends how ‘wet’

  2. Robert says:

    Neat idea and design. I think a modern reproduction of the original would be way cooler though.