S&S Precision Officially Launches its New PlateFrame Modular (PF-M)

The PlateFrame Modular™ (PF-M™) is taking the original PlateFrame™ to the next level. Engineered to optimize comfort, performance and modularity, the PF-M™ delivers a Dynamic Thoracic Load Bearing Distribution System. This Patent Pending system distributes the tactical load across/around the upper torso and not solely on the trapezius muscle. The benefits: zero load shift, consistent load management, reduced energy consumption, unrestricted locomotion mechanics and increased safety during climbing & dynamic movements.

Additionally, S&S Precision’s patent pending armor retention system allows users to configure the PF-M™ with armor plates of various sizes and thickness. Retention straps, in conjunction with flat camming locks, ensure a secure connection between the PF-M’s™ frames and ballistic plate.

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2 Responses to “S&S Precision Officially Launches its New PlateFrame Modular (PF-M)”

  1. Mike L says:

    Really cool to see the evolution of the Plateframe. I had one in 2012 and ended up tearing through one of cummerbund tabs while in Mazar E Sharif. The autofit cummerbund looks like it should alleviate that issue.


  2. Kango says:

    Does anyone know how its suppose to spread the weight across your chest?