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ORSS 19 – P1G-TAC Frogman Range Shirt

During my visit with Polartec I saw an interesting shirt. The Frogman Range Shirt from Ukrainian company P1G-Tac. Granted, the shirt has some interesting features like padded shoulders and elbows as well as a shawl collar, but the real magic is in the Polartec Delta fabric.

Intended to keep you cool, I fully admit was skeptical when I first heard about Delta. But then I bought a t-shirt from Triple Aught Design and it works. This is thanks to the fabric’s construction.

Delta’s specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal. These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep you cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat.

The inside of the Delta fabric has what looks like a raised structure and where it contacts the skin is how the moisture is pulled away.

That structure also means that the entire shirt won’t get soaked and it won’t stick to your skin.

By the way, Polartec is on the verge of releasing a No Melt-No Drip version of Delta, very soon.

One Response to “ORSS 19 – P1G-TAC Frogman Range Shirt”

  1. Rob says:

    I have a couple of Delta tees from a now defunct Australian outdoor company and its a pretty good fabric