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USAF Security Forces Holster for Modular Handgun System M18

US Air Force Security Forces soon begin fielding the M18 variant of the Modular Handgun System, a variant of the SIG SAUER P320.

For many years, Security Forces have been using a Safariland holster with the M9 Beretta pistol. It appears that they will continue to do so once they transition to the M18.

Download PDF here.

The Safariland kit detailed in this image will be available in Coyote as well as Black to support the full Security Forces Mission. It includes mounting options as well as magazine pouches.


12 Responses to “USAF Security Forces Holster for Modular Handgun System M18”

  1. DaPolice says:

    Well that is just about as modular as the gun they are designed to hold. I believe that the ALS is just about the best duty holster out there right now; and I like it better than the level 3 holsters ALS with the SLS hood they have shown the army going to. Good on them.

    • tcba_joe says:

      Truly cool would be SIG and Safariland collaborating on a truly modular holster body like a combo 6360RDS and G Code SOC.

      Internal length adjustment (like the RDS series), light/no-light option (like the SOC), ALS with a removeable SLS hood, shrouded-optic(like RDS)/protected-optic (like DO)/no-optic inserts.

      • SSD says:

        For issue?

        • tcba_joe says:

          Not necesssarily, but already we’re seeing non-breaing M17 and M18 specific holster kits with and without the SLS retention and the LAM mounted version.

          I’m sure we’ll also see light bearing versions for users/units opting for a traditional pistol light.

          Then a LAM version for units who opt for something like the XVL2. And an optics version for DPP or the “SOCOM” RMR kit.
          The point being is there may be a roll for more than just modularity in mounting, but also modularity in pistol configuration. Sort of a concept updated version of the Safariland 3280.

      • Clinstone says:

        That will not happen unless some smaller units individually procure them. Security Forces is the largest career field in the Air Force. Good enough for government work is the name of the game. AFSFC picked a good holster here.

        Also AFSFC can approve alternate holsters for use with the M18 that get closer to what you’re talking about. That’s what they do with aircrew holsters and the M9 SERPA. Word on the street that AFSFC will not approve any holsters with a trigger finger retention release mechanism for the M18 as well.

  2. Eric B says:

    Finally, a holster they can’t wear down to their knees like Han Solo, but I’ll bet some will try.

    As an aside, has anyone had problems with the belt clip attachments? I had a few awhile ago (years) and they were not very good and would not stay closed. Maybe some improvements have been made? Just curious to hear from recent users.

  3. Ton E says:

    Some of the full timers in my ANG SFS use that same modular safariland setup. I personally use the Safariland 6000 series with a G-code RTI attachment.

  4. Cardone says:

    What weapon will security forces be getting? Aren’t they receiving the compact m18? Anyone know the equivalent for civilian side? I believe it’s the p320 compact. Can someone educate me on that.