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High Speed Gear Begins Production Of One-Quart Canteen Pouch

For Immediate Release – Swansboro, NC – US manufacture of Battle Proven Tactical Gear™, High Speed Gear® is pleased to announce the addition of their versatile One-Quart Canteen Pouch to its military line of equipment.


This pouch is designed to fit standard-issue USGI canteens with canteen cups. The canteen pouch has plenty of room for both canteen and cup with an additional internal pouch for cup lid or small survival camping stove.  The pouch cover and integrated bungee keep your contents secure while at the same time minimizing noise generated by loose contents. Users can rest assured that their contents will stay secured during typical rigorous activity they’re likely to encounter on military operations.

In addition to fitting standard size canteens, the One-Quart Canteen pouch is versatile enough to carry other items like stoves, MRE’s, or multiple rifle magazines. Eight MOLLE rows surrounding the pouch, provide additional ability to mount equipment such as Tourniquet TACOS, Medical Packs, or ammo pouches to keep all your equipment in easy reach. The included shoulder strap is the final piece to making the One-Quart Canteen adaptable enough to be a hiking pack, day bag, or satchel for any mission, canteen related or not.

“Some will think, it is just a standard canteen pouch; but when you add a perfect fit for both canteen and cup, with additional mission adaptability, then you have a piece of essential equipment you won’t want to leave behind.” Stated, Daniel Chaney, Senior Designer for HSGI

Key Features:  
• Built with 1000D Cordura®, double-needle binding, and bar-tack reinforcement at stress points
• Utilizes a 1” side release buckle closure with optional Velcro® backup and Velcro® silencing flap
• Features (6) columns of laser-cut MOLLE across front and sides for attachment of small pouches or other items
• Includes adjustable shock cord to cinch down opening, as well as removable shoulder strap
• Features interior pocket for canteen cup lid
• Available in black, coyote brown, OD green, MultiCam® and MultiCam® Black

Dimensions – 6” x 4” x 9” (216 cubic in)

Weight – 7.36 oz

MSRP: $ 48.00

For more information please visit: www.highspeedgear.com


12 Responses to “High Speed Gear Begins Production Of One-Quart Canteen Pouch”

  1. Zach says:

    Using a fairly short strap on this ruins it for me. Makes putting a bulky layer or similar more difficult or not possible. Why not add a few inches?

  2. Frogman says:

    But Why???? No one is asking for this.

  3. Stu says:

    Just what I wanted. There’s always a place on my vest for one, or six.

    Good things are timeless.

  4. SpankDaddyCool says:

    In the future jungle war, the 1 quart will once again be king!

  5. tcba_joe says:

    Gonna be honest, really surprised they didn’t just make a bigger taco and cover it in shock-cord.

  6. Y.T. says:

    Looks like it may be a good replacement for the Paraclete 1 QT, though I’m not sure I’m sold on the extra fabric.

  7. Matthew A says:

    Next up is a modern interpretation of the beloved e tool pouch.

  8. Longeye says:

    This could be a decent IFAK foundation. TQ pouches can be layered on the sides.

    I am surprided it is 1000d cloth. That makes for a heavy pouch.

    • Richie says:

      Yeah half a pound is nuts, I dont see why they could not have just laser cut the main pouch and saved probably 2oz

  9. Spare me. I never, ever had any problem with my five dollar government issue canteen cover. Never even gave it a moment’s thought.