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RE Factor Tactical Radio Holster by Black Point Tactical

We are excited to announce our new Radio Holster, that is optimize for use with Motorola brand radios.  

The RE Factor Tactical Radio Holster by Black Point Tactical is a collaboration designed to offer you a solution that allows you to quickly access your radio as well as keep it safe when not in use.  

The holster features a full kydex wrap design with ambidextrous accessibility.  In addition, we offer multiple mounting solutions to include: Tec-Loc, MOLLE, Belt Loops and MAP Integration

We also include a bungee pull tab to keep the radio in place during rigorous activities.

Finally we include the ability to access your PTT and Mic port with additional add on items such as a speaker or in-ear communications accessory.  

Colors Available: Black, Basket Weave, Coyote, OD, MultiCam


6 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical Radio Holster by Black Point Tactical”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Actually excited about this. There are not a lot of good options. I really hope it “snaps” into the kydex shell. The bungee is good for extremes but it’s kind of a PITA if you are constantly having to draw it out. The multiple mounting options are great. The speed of the tecklock will be nice for changing mounting assignments.

  2. Kango says:

    I like the fact it covers part of the transmit button to prevent hotmicing.

  3. Ben says:

    Missing a trick not doing a UV-5R. HAM and Airsoft is a Huuuge market…

  4. Whit says:

    It would be nice to see these for other models, such as the Kenwoods I use….

  5. Mike Nomad says:

    I too think that Amateur Radio is a huge opportunity. Options for Hams are pretty much shit. I would love to have something like these for my HT’s: Yaesu VX-6R & Kenwwod TH-D72A…

  6. Bad Dancer says:

    Would love to see them offer models for the Yaesus, Kenwoods, and the Baofeng everyone seems to start with. They would be great for HAMs at a field day or those who participate in stuff like search and rescue or disaster relief.