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UF PRO to Spotlight Super-Effective Camo Patterns, Next-Gen BDU, Cool New Colour at 2019 Enforce Tac and IWA

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (4th March 2019) — UF PRO® today announced plans to exhibit its newest military-focused product lineup at both the Enforce Tac and IWA Outdoor Classics trade shows in Germany during the month of March.

Spotlighted at both events will be an innovative camouflage pattern that sows confusion in the subconscious mind by wildly scrambling the brain’s ability to correctly interpret what the eyes see, said the maker of advanced-technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units.

Prym1 Striker BDU

UF PRO® said it also will premier at the two shows a next-generation combat uniform. The new BDU is part of the company’s popular Striker range of tactical wear. It offers a super-rugged design, reconfigurable special pockets, and exceptionally easy field-repair capability, the company reported.

Additionally, UF PRO® indicated it intends to introduce the Hunter Gen.2 FZ Jacket, an upgraded version of its acclaimed light-shelled Hunter FZ jacket for damp and cold spring days. The Hunter Gen.2 FZ Jacket features reinforced sides, extra Velcro® covers on the upper arms, an improved hem design, the company said.

Steel Grey Striker BDU

Further, UF PRO® promised to trot out Steel Grey, a new colour option for a select range of the company’s garments.

Phantom LEAF Striker BDU

Meanwhile, attendees of Enforce Tac will get a glimpse of what a BDU from UF PRO®’s current catalogue looks like when decked out in the highly flexible PHANTOMLEAF camouflage pattern. PHANTOMLEAF is an algorithmically designed, auto-adaptive camouflage pattern that can be modularly combined to produce a total camouflage system suited to virtually any environment or condition. The company cautioned that only government organizations can purchase this pattern, available on demand, from UF PRO®.

Another camouflage pattern set for viewing is PRYM1, which will only be shown to UF PRO® booth visitors at IWA. The company said it will demonstrate using a currently available UF PRO® BDU how PRYM1’s tiny, differently shaped dots of various pure colours fragment visible light to create a blending effect similar to that which enables wildlife predators—leopards, for example—to go totally unnoticed by their quarry.


The camouflage pattern UF PRO® will exhibit at both Enforce Tac and IWA is called CONCAMO. Developed in Germany, CONCAMO is short for “confusion camouflage”—a name that reflects the pattern’s ability to trick observers at the subconscious level, said Armin Wagner, head of product development for UF PRO®.

“The pattern features eight colours blended through various elements and shadings to produce more than 60 layers of perceivable depth,” Wagner explained. “We’re very excited to be able to offer CONCAMO. It’s an incredibly effective concealment system that works beautifully in a spectrum of environments—forests, grasslands, deserts, snow country, even urban areas.”

Wagner indicated that the Striker Combat Uniform in CONCAMO can already be acquired on the company’s website and selected UF PRO distribution partners.

The Enforce Tac show is set for 6-7 March at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg.

The UF PRO® booth will be located in hall 12 at booth 418.

“Enforce Tac is where police, security officials, and members of the military from across Europe and beyond gather to see what’s new and exciting in the way of products and ideas to help them do their jobs more successfully and safely,” said Wagner. “This is an event we are extremely pleased to be part of and we look forward to meeting lots of old friends there as well as making many new ones.”

The IWA Outdoor Classics show follows right on the heels of Enforce Tac. IWA starts 8 March and continues for the next three days. It, too, takes place at the Nuremberg exhibition centre.

The UF PRO® booth will be located in hall 9, stand 301.

“IWA is a major trade fair where vendors display products for hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, camping, and other outdoor recreational activities,” Wagner said. “This event attracts civilians, but it also typically draws huge crowds of military and law-enforcement personnel. We’re honored to be exhibiting there again this year.”

For more information about UF PRO® at the Enforce Tac and IWA Outdoor Classics shows or to learn more about the company’s complete tactical gear lineup, please go to


9 Responses to “UF PRO to Spotlight Super-Effective Camo Patterns, Next-Gen BDU, Cool New Colour at 2019 Enforce Tac and IWA”

  1. Raul says:

    Bought some gear (shirts, pants, and a few hats) from this manufacturer, really really impressed with the quality and how fast it arrived to Texas. Fit and finish are great.

    • SOmmerbiwak says:

      Yes, very fast shipping (though I am of Yurrop) and reasonable rates. Even overseas.

  2. hard shell says:

    Designs are compatibly good. These are for summer or winter.

  3. James Dixon says:

    Glad to see Prym1 Camo is getting the credit it deserves being used on this great kit by UFPRO – it’s only a matter of time till PRYM1 takes the tactical world by storm!

    • Zach says:

      The Prym stuff is nice, but Pencott patterns are the best out there and if WildWood ever comes out in more than 3 items it will be huge. Helikon has been unable to get printing/colors right. I have heard companies other than Helikon will be able to make it in a year or so. If this is true WildWood and other Pencott will be the standard.

      • Lawrence says:

        Helikon-Tex will be revealing a bunch of new clothing and gear in WildWood at IWA – beyond the Outdoor Tactical Pants, Windrunner Anorak, Wolfhound Insulated Jacket, and Swagman Roll that are already available.

        Included in the reveal at IWA will be their new Modernized Battle Dress Uniform in 505/50 NyCo ripstop.

        And I need to correct you on a couple of the points you made above. Helikon-Tex did not have difficulties getting the colors right – the delays were due to production capacity and re-prioritization of printing schedules due to military orders at the fabric mills. Also, the WildWood production license is exclusive to Helikon-Tex.

  4. SOmmerbiwak says:

    Urban Grey, Wolf Gray, Steel Grey… 50 Shades of LOL

    What is it with every manufacturer making their own gray tone????