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Helikon-Tex Launches New Modern Battle Dress Uniform


The modern battlefield changes rapidly and requires gear that’s both universal since it might be used in different conditions but specific as well, as it is supposed to suit the user properly. These were the main goals Helikon-Tex® tried to fulfill while developing its brand-new Modern Battle Dress Uniform®.

No matter the task ahead, the whole MBDU® set is action-ready. It provides you with all the features needed for the mission ahead.

The Helikon-Tex MBDU® Shirt offers plenty of carrying space which is designed to move with you. It is designed specifically to be worn with different equipment like chest rigs or backpacks, and it manages to do it well.

– Side VersaStretch® panels to achieve a full freedom of movement
– Zippered pockets placed bicep-high
– Stand-up collar

Price: 71,90 USD

Helikon-Tex MBDU® Pants complete the set, complementing the MBDU® Shirt’s features and improves your ability to excel at any mission. With stretchy materials and closer fit nothing will hold you back, allowing you to focus solely on your task and not ill-fitting clothing.

– Reinforce knees, compatible with Low Profile Protective Pads
– Back gusset made of VersaStretch® to provide absolute freedom of movement
– Hook&loop closed waist for additional adjustment

Price: 71,90 USD

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7 Responses to “Helikon-Tex Launches New Modern Battle Dress Uniform”

  1. Zach says:

    My set in WildWood arrives on my birthday tomorrow. I have waited a while, hopes are high.

  2. JDT says:

    Where are Helikon-Tex‘s products manufactured?

    • Henchman says:

      Helikon Tex operation and manufacturing are located in Poland. Direct Action Gear is one of their offsprings. The gear quality is certainly there, but if you want to support US manufactureres, you need to look somewhere else.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      China, Vietnam, and S. Korea.

  3. I Am says:


  4. Zach says:

    My WildWood set arrived today and I like it a lot. Be advised however that the stretch materials on the side are very dark and range from 7 1/8-8 inches making the pattern less effective. I have many GreenZone items as well and the difference is not as obvious as any of the comparison photos would indicate at all. I don’t regret the purchase, but those issues are a drag.