Helikon-Tex Rolls Out Its Newest Low-Profile Clothing


It’s no surprise that low-profile garments become more popular year by year as the urban environment becomes the primary scene of tactical operations. Helikon-Tex is keeping up with this trend and has just expanded their Urban Line with the Urban Tactical Hoodie® and Greyman Tactical Jeans®.


Greyman Tactical Jeans® look just like your everyday jeans, but they also have some of the elements found in this Polish manufacturer’s other tactical pants. That makes them totally low-, yet still action-ready when the need arises.



With no-less than 9 pockets you’ll be able to have all your EDC and necessary gear by your side, all the while maintaining a low profile. The pant accepts a 50 mm wide belt and the crotch gusset will enable you to move freely and dynamically.


Urban Tactical Hoodie® is a nod to people who need to be invisible to the crowd during duty, but on the other hand it’s a great choice for those of you who like comfortable and plain-looking clothes for everyday usage.



Having two inner mesh pockets, you won’t be worried about losing your keys or other belongings and you can be sure this durable hoodie will last for years thanks to the thick and elastic cotton construction.

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23 Responses to “Helikon-Tex Rolls Out Its Newest Low-Profile Clothing”

  1. Geoff says:

    Low profile hoodie. Except for the shoulder patch Velcro. Except for that, it would be 100% legit low pro.

    • Ton E says:

      Glad someone said it. I was digging the hoodie up until I saw the sleeve velcro.

    • Larry says:

      Not to mention they way they used the orange/bronze thread to outline the “hidden” additional pockets. Really smart folks if you want to make a covert piece of clothing look overt instead.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Sorry, anyone with a modicum of awareness/training can spot any “Greyman”. Better off buying regular branded/ logo stuff to blend in (AE, TNF, Old Navy, Eddie B.).

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Or if in Europe or anywhere overseas, go to local stores and buy what the locals (in the demographic group you are emulating) wear.

      And don’t walk, talk, gesture, self-project, or otherwise act like an American. This can be really really hard to inculcate into the more immature junior support troops particularly. From half a klick away you can spot an unmistakably American stride, whether it’s a military gait, an Oklahoma cowboy saunter, or an urban inner-city ditty-bop.

  3. GANDIS says:

    Stretchy pants!

  4. Chuck says:

    Tactical mom jeans

  5. Paul says:

    the jeans look good…but i’ll keep modifying my current pants and shirts in the meantime

  6. Adam says:

    Hoodie looks tacticool and would stick out like a sore thumb. Can’t someone just make ultra durable NORMAL clothing?

  7. Adam says:

    I do recall a company named American against that manufactured rugged, American made apparel.

    I know for a fact Levi’s have gone down hill in quality over the years.

  8. Patrick Sweeney says:

    Double thumbs up on not looking/acting American. I just got back from nearly three weeks in Europe, and I was continually struck by the difference in walk, gestures and even standing still stances.

  9. Allan J Cobar says:

    Sheesh … If you dont want any Alpha type males staring you down while in Grey man mode just wear Jeggings !!! Anyone here tried staring at Connan O’ Brian when he wore those in the Tonight Show back in 2010 . Anyone still staring you down while wearing Grey man Jeggings is for sure looking for a different type of action as you know any of us here can only do a milisecond glance if someone wore those Operator- type Jeggings ..

  10. Will says:

    I have to add that the 5.11 flex jeans are actually pretty awesome. They’re not made in the US, but they fit really well, and don’t look tactical at all. I doubt anyone would ever think they’re a 5.11 product.

    Adaptiv.x also makes some great low pro, made in USA jeans.

    Dearborn Denim makes pretty nice regular jeans, and pants. They are made in the US, but are priced the same as foreign made brands. I will say that the Dearborn jeans do fit about a size smaller than all my other jeans. They make regular and stretch denim. Their customer service has been awesome also.

  11. EODMadBomb says:

    I don’t feel like those jeans would blend in very well. They kinda remind me of my sisters pants back in the 70s!
    I know some people don’t like Tru-Spec, but they have a gray Grid Fleece, Hoodie that blends quite well, and has a large, two entry, zip pocket, hidden inside the kangaroo pocket.