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SOF Select 19 – Blue Force Gear Introduces Woodland ULTRAcomp

Blue Force Gear is exhibiting a version of the upcoming PLATEMINUS Ver 4 made from the new Woodland camouflage pattern ULTRAcomp fabric.

Not only does Blue Force Gear use the laser-cuttable ULTRAcomp material for their own products, it is also available for other manufacturers.

5 Responses to “SOF Select 19 – Blue Force Gear Introduces Woodland ULTRAcomp”

  1. BS says:


  2. res51cue says:

    Sweet! It would also be sweet if they would start offering their products in Ranger Green, too 😉

  3. Zach says:

    Woodland is only usable as a macro pattern at distance, and it is too dark. It is not good at close range. Why do you guys like it so much? Are we that void of good forest/woodland patterns in this country? Concamo, something close to flecktarn, a darker vegetato, a Pencott variant, a Marpat variant, darken multicam to be closer to AMCU, there are so many options in Europe to draw from. Our country sucks with camo. We come up with Kryptek that looks like a cross between a hunting pattern and the bad patterns people spray on rifles and helmets=doilyflauge.

    • Lasse says:

      Raiders made it cool in Afghanistan and it’s trendy right now in the consumer market.

  4. TM says:

    Actually works pretty good when used where it is intended. No camo truly hides the human form or movement, not even multicam. Field craft does a better job of keeping you alive when compared to the color of clothing you’re wearing.