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SOF Select 19 – Lost Arrow Project 3-Season Uniform

Patagonia’s Lost Arrow Project is displaying a prototype 3-season uniform. The idea is to offer a single, multi-environment, multi-season uniform solution since there have been so many calls for hot weather, jungle and swimmers specialty uniforms.

The challenge wasn’t so much in the cut of the uniform as the material. LAP selected a board short-like material which dries quickly, is highly breathable and very durable.

The concept consists of three pieces, a common pant along with Combat and Field shirts. Wear either shirt based on preference.

What’s more, unlike existing cotton-based uniforms, it can be integrated with the other components of their Military Alpine Recce System clothing.

Currently undergoing user trials in multiple environments, LAP plans a commercial launch in 2020, integrating user feedback.

7 Responses to “SOF Select 19 – Lost Arrow Project 3-Season Uniform”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Nice streamlined design – so exposed buttons, pleats, or critical edges. Looks like they have a switched-on / clued-in designer on that project. Kudos.

  2. Torch says:

    Those look great, can’t wait to put hands on.

  3. ArmorGuy says:

    Makes to much sense for the military to ever actually adopt it.

  4. Lasse says:

    Hot weather, jungle and swimming kinda sounds like a summer uniform for the rest of the world according to the NATO environments?

  5. boy says:

    these look amazing

  6. Luke says:

    These look great!

    Also looks like seam-down-the-front-of-the-leg is the new hotness; Garm combats and utilities, 5.11 xprt pants, know I’ve seen a few others as well.