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Rampart Range Day 19 – M2 Machine Gun Accessories from BE Meyers & Co, Inc

BE Meyers & Co, Inc offers two upgrades for the venerable Ma-Deuce.

On the left of the photo is the 2300F Flash Hider and is designed for legacy barrels which aren’t threaded.instead it uses a floating locking collar and locking ring.

To the right of the photo is BOARS-M2 (B.E. Meyers Optics & Accessories Rail System), a low-profile mounting solution that offers a quick-disconnect with true return-to-zero reattach.

Key features for the BOARS-M2 include: a quick detach optics/laser rail, snag free design, non-marring installation, low height-over-bore, and oversized pass through aperture for use with iron sights.

BOARS will also fit the M2, M2A1, M3 series .50 caliber heavy machine gun platforms.

B.E. Meyers products are available in Canada from Rampart International.

Editor’s note: Story was updated with correct flash hider model.


One Response to “Rampart Range Day 19 – M2 Machine Gun Accessories from BE Meyers & Co, Inc”

  1. Joey says:

    Does it mount to the feed tray or the (lack of a better term) block of weapon just before the tray.