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Rampart International Is Colt Canada’s Exclusive Canadian LE Distributor

I just found out at Rampart Range Day 2019 that Rampart International is now the exclusive law enforcement distributor in Canada for Colt Canada.

This is Colt Canada Law Enforcement Brand Ambassador Mark Ruffolo showing us the MRR in 11.6″ (top photo) and 14.5″ (bottom photo).

The Modular Rail Rifle features a monolithic upper with a full length M1913 rail along the top and M-Lok slots along the sides of the hand guard portion of the upper. It also features a free floating, cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel and ambidextrous controls. Offered in 5.56×45 mm NATO, 7.62×51 mm NATO and 300 BLACKOUT.

7 Responses to “Rampart International Is Colt Canada’s Exclusive Canadian LE Distributor”

  1. Ck says:

    It’s a shame Colt USA is living in 1998 with it’s rifles. Meanwhile Colt Canada is producing some of the finest M4’s ever made.

  2. PTL21 says:

    Not sure why Colt USA hasn’t worked with its subsidiary to make MRR available to US market, that is one nice AR.

  3. Bradkaf308 says:

    Messed up company on both side of the border.

  4. Man I haven’t seen Mark in ages. I think the last time we met up I traded him my Strider HAK

  5. Kango says:

    I have a CC IUR. Just need them to make something in a midlength gas system.