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Flying Cross Honors Army Astronaut on Apollo 11 Anniversary

Three officers from three different countries (USA, Russia, Italy) united by a mission to space and a duty to serve humanity will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday July 20 at 12:25 p.m. EDT. Unlike the Apollo 11 astronauts who were heading to the moon for the first manned landing on the lunar surface, the crew of Expedition 60 will be heading to the International Space Station.

NASA Astronaut Andrew Morgan of the U.S. Army has been teamed with Alexander Skvortsov of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency.

Of all the uniforms we’ve ever made, we can’t help but feel especially proud of the one we made for Col. Morgan. It has been a distinct pleasure to have seen Col. Morgan wearing his Army Green Service Uniform in numerous photos leading up to the big launch – when he will swap his AGSU for something a bit more suitable for space travel.

We wish Col. Morgan and his fellow crew-mates a safe launch, a successful mission, and happy landings upon their return to Earth.


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19 Responses to “Flying Cross Honors Army Astronaut on Apollo 11 Anniversary”

  1. LRRP says:

    I wonder when we’ll see the Ike jacket to go with the ensemble?

  2. Gerard says:

    Has no one noticed that these 3 idiots are posing in front of a monument dedicated to Lenin

    • Former Vet says:

      How dare you question ANYTHING about these outstanding, well intentioned heroes?? Surely there’s a logical explanation for that pic as always. So so brave to face such dangers and the unknown. You certainly have an eternal reserved for your contribution to mankind.. SPACE FORCE 2020!!

    • Ed says:

      Well Gerard, The Col. was in Moscow a few weeks ago for this very purpose, if you read the article, There is a Russian, Alexander Skvortsov and an Italian, Luca Parmitano who all three have been training together for several months for this mission. That pic could of been taken in Moscow, I would presume so, and since at least 2011, all launches have been from Kazakhstan since we retired our NASA Space Shuttles that same year. Read up on history or use google before making ridiculous comments.

      • Seamus says:

        If some moron builds a monument in Germany to Hitler, is it then ok to pose for pictures in front of it while in uniform. I can;t even go to a political campaign event while in uniform here in US because of simple appearance of enforcement. I don’t care if it was a silly tour about astronauts. Standards are standards. He is a Soldier and this is unacceptable.

  3. Seamus says:

    Why in the F–K are Soldiers posing in front of a monument to Lenin!?!?!?!?!

  4. Terry Baldwin says:

    Really? Taking a pic in front of a monument to Lenin is a trigger? Lenin’s Tomb is still open in Moscow. It is on all the tours. He was and still is a very significant historical figure in Russia, whether any of us like that fact or not. Doing the obligatory PR tourist gig, hosted by Russians, and getting a pic certainly does not imply an endorsement of Lenin or Communism.

    If an American needs to get worked up over something associated with this story, I suggest you consider why U.S. Astronauts have only been able to get into space atop Russian rockets for the last 8 years. And we don’t even have a replacement for the space shuttle on the drawing board. I personally think that is a real shame, not any of these pictures.


    • SSD says:

      Right on!

    • Seamus says:

      Lenin is responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of people. I don’t care that he is a big deal in Russia. An American Soldiers is posing infant of a monument to a mass murderer. If you can’t figure that out, you need help.

      • Terry Baldwin says:


        Again, proximity to historical objects does NOT equate to endorsement. I know a lot of guys who have pictures of themselves in uniform next to Saddam statues. No endorsement implied whatsoever. There is a Hitler bust at the 82nd Airborne’s Museum at Fort Bragg that you can take a pic next to. It is there as a memento of WWII not to uplift Hitler.

        In the 1970s, American soldiers went routinely into East Berlin – in Dress Greens – on sanctioned US Military tours. It was done pursuant to the status of forces agreement between the Occupying Powers and certainly implied no endorsement of Communism.

        If you take a pic at Dachau or Buchenwald or any of the other Death Camps – as many American soldiers in uniform did – it did not and does not mean that you were sympathetic with the Nazis. If I take a picture next to a Confederate monument here in the states it does not follow that I therefore endorse slavery or the Confederacy.

        Historical places and people are just that – items of historical interest. Touching them, studying them, talking about them, or taking pictures next to them transfers no ownership of them – or the ideas they represent – to the people of today. Endorsing a political candidate while in uniform is obviously something entirely different and is rightly restricted. Approaching a piece of history is not – even the ugly pieces.


  5. Ton E says:

    The Greens are still a waste of money…..fight me…

  6. Gerard says:

    I apologize for using the word idiot, it was wrong. These are all great men. Im a child of the Cold War, Iv spent decades reading about the horrors of Soviet Communism. Its important not to even indirectly be seen as somehow ignoring this reality. Modern Russia has come a long way but has never faced its history of the Gulags

    • Ed says:

      Gerard, read Terry Baldwin’s comment for more clarity. Equating a picture of three astronauts, one a Russian in front of one their own country mans monuments and you relate that to the true horrors of communism and Stalinism, you are acting no better than some triggered snowflake that sees an NRA for gun safety and reacts by denouncing school shootings or criminals that use firearms. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

      Does that make more sense now?

      • Gerard says:

        Terry’s comment was great. Yes I overreacted, because lenin was the man who created Soviet terror and the gulag system. Remember when Obama stood in Cuba behind a huge mural of Che. We need to remember who these historical figures are. Lenin’s tomb is still a tourist draw because Russia refuses to face its own history. I havnt intended to offend any here but can we all keep some historical perspective

        • Terry Baldwin says:


          I absolutely agree with you. I believe there is a special place in hell for Lenin and all the other totalitarian demagogues of history like him. At least there ought to be. I just did not think it was fair or warranted for these three Astronauts – even the Russian – to be tarred with the same brush because they took a pic nearby.


  7. Bob says:

    Why did we throw away the uniform of the Army that defeated the Communists for the uniform of the Army that collaborated with them?