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SOTECH’s Newest Mission Go Bag Receives NSN

SOTech is proud to announce that its newest generation of the Mission Go Bag, designated the Modular Medical Pack, Small, OCP, MMPS-OCP has been awarded  NSN 8465-01-679-0365.  This bag is also a part of the Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System TMMCS.

Designed as a satchel go bag that is contoured to hug the body and can be worn as a shoulder bag, waist pack, fanny pack, briefcase, ruck lid, vest pouch or vehicle bag. The S.O.TECH Mission Go Bag fulfills multiple mission requirements, and has been in use by SOCOM as part of the BALCs Pack Suite for over a decade.

In honor of the DLA making TMMCS available to the troops, we are offering the Modular Medical Pack – Small (also known as the Mission Go Bag) in OCP for 15% off on a limited run of the first 50 bags. Get them while supplies last on the SOTechTactical.com website!

4 Responses to “SOTECH’s Newest Mission Go Bag Receives NSN”

  1. JK says:

    This is a great concept and one that has been implemented by team medics for awhile. I personally prefer the TT first responder bag, its just big enough to carry a team size amount of TC3 gear, but not as big as the kitchen sink.

  2. Marcus says:

    Reminds me of my CLS.

  3. Chris says:

    An amazingly versatile bit of kit, I absolutely love mine.
    I actually have two (should have been 3 but the company I ordered the 3rd from took my money then went bust…I’m still gutted about it, I think the company was called 1st Cav or something like that, it was a big US based website and being in the UK myself I was screwed and never saw the bag or my money again)
    Anyway, they have been all over the world with me and never let me down, highly recommended.