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Medical Assault Combat Belt System awarded NSNs

Medical Belt with Choices of Belt Pads, Pouches and Harness – designed to replace the 18D’s Medical Assault Chest Harness.

NSN: 8465-01-675-2118
NSN: 8465-01-675-2107

Previously with too much medical gear in an inaccessible pack, half of the medic’s load needs to be moved to an easy to access belt pouch system. The S.O.TECH Medical Belt System provides the medic with a choice of pouches mounted to a load bearing belt which can be suspended optionally from a shoulder harness (included). The load bearing belt is comprised of three elements, a strength rated safety belt, a contoured padded MOLLE over belt, and a slim padded MOLLE over belt (note that there is one safety (riggers cobra belt) and two sleeves per kit). This provides options for long duration use and for short term low profile use. The belts have optional anchor points for the harnesses’ quick disconnect buckles (some medics will want a harness, others will prefer it without a shoulder harness). The belts are designed so the medic can spin the belt around the waist placing the needed pouches to the front. * Belts are sized small/medium or large/X-large.

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3 Responses to “Medical Assault Combat Belt System awarded NSNs”

  1. James says:

    Have one of the MACHS around here somewhere. Thing is built like a tank, with all the good and bad that statement implies- two inch QR’s all over the place, six integral mag pouches, extra PALS over the standard BLOCS chest rig. This looks like a big improvement in weight and simplicity while still keeping the first line on-body, it reminds me a lot OF A.D Fisher’s first line belt with slightly larger pouches.

  2. some other joe says:

    This looks like a great GP platform if you want a British style belt kit. Is there an option for just the belt and harness system? Is the harness compatible with the low-profile sleeve?

  3. James Victor Cragg says:

    Yes, the whole kit can be broken down to the basics. I use the belts as a range belt. The harness can attach to either the low profile belt sleeve or the contoured belt sleeve. We also have an under belt with velcro attachments to grip the belt if the user doesn’t want to spin it around. The idea is to let the user choose which pouches and which belts they want for the mission. It comes with 7 pouches and only fits 5 so you have to choose. And the belts and harnesses are NSNed seperately too, as well as available on the website individually also. All feedback is welcomed because we see this as a platform to develop.