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ThirdBlockGear – Advanced Field Sling Bag

The Advanced Field Sling Bag was developed by a friend of mine for personal use while working initially overseas, and increasingly here at home. He wanted a bag that would keep his most needed equipment right at his fingertips.

His work requires the use of electronics and those often need to be recharged in the field.

Above is a layout of the kit he uses to teach classes.

And in case your interested in the types of electronics he uses, here are a couple of images of something he is currently working on.

But back to the ASF. Here are some key design points:
• Comfortable to wear for hours, in hot climates.
• Quick access to all your gear, without taking the bag off.
• Adjustable, ambidextrous, and quick-release design.
• Designed to fit power, communications, and sustainment gear.
• Extremely durable and rugged.
• 100% US Materials. 100% US manufactured.

I’ve had one for awhile and feel blessed anytime Jason honors me by allowing me access to his work. While it’s a very specialized piece of kit with a very specific layout, it has already been fielded to several organizations. Learn more at thirdblockgear.com/shop/afs-bag.

9 Responses to “ThirdBlockGear – Advanced Field Sling Bag”

  1. sabasarge says:

    Looks nice, but $400? I think not.

    • makaveli says:

      If’s “Made in the US” it justified the price tag.

      • anonymous coward says:

        It is Berry compliant. Which means all the material is US origin (down to the thread, zippers, et al) and 100% US manufactured. It’s also a super pain in the ass to sew due to all the features, details, and tight spaces, so labor is expensive as well.

    • TominVA says:

      Yeah, pricey, but if I were going into his line work, I’d give it serious consideration. Seems very well thought out.

  2. Matt says:

    Any details on the phone case / keyboard setup?

    • Bushman says:

      The keyboard on the last photo is one of Rii mini keyboards.

      • anonymous coward says:

        keyboard is a project under development. if have .mil/.gov email address (or can verify via other means), contact us and can give low down. it’ll be public eventually but closed beta during R&D. [email protected]

  3. some other joe says:

    I can’t believe you would give up Jeff’s personal info like that. He works so hard teaching cybersecurity online all-day, everyday, encouraging us with graphs about threats averted, and everything. Shame on you for totally ignoring his work.