DSEI – Platatac Jungle Ensemble

Platatac showed their Jungle Uniform consisting of GBH-J hat, Jungle “Kurtz” Shirt and Jungle Dax Pants, all manufactures from lightweight Apocalypse fabric in the MultiCam print.

The Hat features mesh panels. The Shirt incorporates five pockets with lanyard points, including a compass pocket at the chest. The Pants have a drawstring waist, and mesh lined large hip pockets.

Interestingly, the display also included the new Danner Jungle Boot, recently selected by the US Marine Corps. In addition to the rough out leather and nylon uppers, these unlined. Boots incorporate a Panama-style sole.

9 Responses to “DSEI – Platatac Jungle Ensemble”

  1. roy says:

    “Apocalypse fabric”

    curious what that is?

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Looking at this tells me we had it right with woodland and LBEs and that the computers aren’t as smart as the men on the ground

  3. Luke says:

    That center placket pocket is very interesting to me, looks like a good way to get small stuff out from under the suspenders. Now I’m wondering why they don’t either
    1) offset the front opening and set one of the larger pockets closer to center
    2) go to side entry Napoleon pockets like the British PCS shirts that would be easier to access with a harness like that.