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FirstSpear Friday Focus – NSNS 40mm Grenade Suite

The FirstSpear Non-Stocking Non-Standard section has just been updated with a variety of 40mm grenade pockets designed for FS professional users. Built to fit any standard 40mm style round with a wide range of configurations available including single, double, triple pockets with 6/9 or MOLLE attachment style as well as the FirstSpear 4 and 6 Pack secured with a SR buckle for quick access to multiple rounds.

Non-Stocking Non-Standard items are 100% brand new first quality goods that have been designed and built at the request of FS Professional users to meet a unique mission set. Limited quantities, sizes and colors are available while supplies last. No backorders, all sales are final.


4 / 6 Pack

One Response to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – NSNS 40mm Grenade Suite”

  1. Renaissance Marine says:

    what i liked about the old 203 vest was that it was oversized and you could throw a loaded vest in the back of the vehicle or even over the seat back, then throw it on over your normal gear when it was tiime to loose the kraken. sometimes simple is better.