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SCUBAPRO Sunday – The SeaBees

On September 1, 1942, the first Seabee unit to serve in a combat area, the Sixth Naval Construction Battalion (SeaBees), arrives on Guadalcanal.

I am not going to tell the story as there is a movie (with John Wayne one of the seven he dies in) and I posting a link at the bottom of an excellent article about them. What I am going to say is SeaBees are some of the hardest working people you will ever find. I would rather have 1 SeaBee that 5 other people. They have made almost all the camps I have been in since the first gulf war in 91 thru Iraq in the 2000s and they never stop working on them to making them better. They build they fight; (they can’t read or write) (that was a joke) you tell them you need something, and they will find it or make it. Indeed some of the unsung heroes of the military.




11 Responses to “SCUBAPRO Sunday – The SeaBees”

  1. Dave T says:

    I was one of last Seabees out of Viet Nam. NMCB1 did four rotations.
    I like your use of the euphemism “find it” .

  2. Linz says:

    133 Bn insignia is interesting…I’m going to have find when & where they got the red kangaroo from.

  3. I served in NMCB 7 and went around the world building all kinds of stuff. I don’t regret any of it the experience and people you meet I am one of the few where my MOS was only for the Seabees equipment operator.

  4. Steven B Parker says:

    As a SEABEE Equipment Operator in NMCB-74 I was a part of the Huge Build-Up of the Base at Diego Garcia in The Indian Ocean in the late ’70’s. I Will Never forget the Innovation and Hard Work we put into that Massive Project!

  5. Joe R. says:

    SEABEES are just like real bees. . .

    Leave us alone, and we’ll pollinate all of your plants and make you a little honey.

    F with us, and we’ll tattoo you all in one color, and no particular pattern.

    ; D


  6. Joe R. says:





    HOORAH 28 !

  7. Little Mac says:

    Served with NMCB 1, 1973-1977 Enjoyed it and met some awesome people

  8. Mike Arbuthnot says:

    I was with MCB5 at Subic Bay P.I. during the late 1950’s. We built underground storage facilities for fuel and explosives, piers, huge outdoor staging areas and security fencing thru the jungle and along the river and canals. The natives stole so much stuff we felt like a wholesale supplier for the building material suppliers in Olongapo. We would install it, they would steal it and we would re-purchase it from them. Still, the 9 month deployment was better than 9 days on Guam!

    • Ralph L Blair, EO1 says:

      I was with MCB-7 in Chu Lai 1969-1970. Enjoyed working with my fellow mates. NAS Bermuda 1970-1972, NAVSUPPAC Naples Italy 1972-1976. A person couldn’t for any better people to work with.

  9. William Boyd UT2 says:

    Served with NMCB 1 1981-1985 had a fantastic time. Hindsight being 20/20 sorry I left. Spent time in some great places, and met some great people. If I could I’d do it all over again.