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BE Meyers & Co Announces MAWL-X1, New DoD MAWL Variant


September 16, 2019 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is proud to announce the addition of MAWL®-X1, a United States Department of Defense specific variant of the company’s highly successful MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser) line of high-powered aiming and illumination laser systems for individual and crew-served weapons.


In 2017 B.E. Meyers & Co. submitted a Flat Dark Earth, Near-Infrared / Visible MAWL® featuring the EC2 threaded Endcap to the Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) via the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, known as the MAWL®-X1. Following submission, PdM-SPTD procured it for Limited User Evaluations, which were conducted by various Combat Arms including units within the 82nd Airborne Division, 173rd Airborne Brigade, and the 2nd Infantry Division, among others. Approximately 766 MAWL®-X1 units have been fielded since 2018.

True Modularity

The MAWL®-X1 is a truly modular design comprised of three separate Head, Body, and End-Cap components, which allows it to be sustainable at a supply chain level. As an ambidextrous system, it can easily be configured for either right or left-handed shooters.

The “Alt Mount” Body allows for increased versatility across multiple weapon platforms, including the M4/M16, M27, M249, M240G, and precision rifles.

Superior Ergonomics

As with all MAWL® variants, the MAWL®-X1 is designed for intuitive operation: in the dark, under stress, and with gloves on. Featuring a simple switch mechanism with finely balanced power and divergence presets, the MAWL®-X1 allows for target transitions from close to long range in under a second.


Unparalleled Range and Clarity

B.E. Meyers and Co.’s optimized VCSEL technology delivers vastly increased performance, beam quality, beam clarity, and efficiency to the end-user. The MAWL®-X1 features balanced and stacked beams to increase situational awareness and overcome photonic barriers created by external light sources.

For more information on the MAWL®-X1 please click here.

For more information on procurement, please contact [email protected].


16 Responses to “BE Meyers & Co Announces MAWL-X1, New DoD MAWL Variant”

  1. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    I still don’t know why they can’t dedicate one of the buttons to activate a weapon light.

    • AH says:

      Simple, That button is used for something else.

    • Dave says:

      Gotta be honest, I don’t want my visible flood light to be on the same control as my IR aiming device… especially if I’m moving up to a structure in the dark. That’s just me.

      • Grace says:

        I agree with Dave. Having the white light running off of a tape switch (which can be placed near the MAWL for ease) helps reduce the possibility of a white light “negligent discharge” at the wrong time, which could result in giving up electronic concealment, and potentially creating a photonic barrier or causing teammates NODs to bloom.

      • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

        So based on responses (sans Trent) no one is a fan of the TAPS or like systems? In 25 years of using a weapon lights on sub guns or carbines I’ve never had an “ND”. And today, an ND on an IR system can be just as bad.

        Sounds like the naysayers have a training and leadership deficiency they’re trying to satiate with a material solution.

        If you can make a cable to activate a Surefire from the MAWL, I’d love to see it. The only thing I found that worked was running a TAPS into the MAWL and using it to control the MAWL.

        Regardless, I’m not going down the rabbit hole on a kit discussion with a bunch of basement dwellers who cried blasphemy when it was mentioned that the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24mm was being used behind the fence.

        • Trent Zimmer says:

          Full disclosure… I am the president of Unity Tactical, designed TAPS & Hot Button, and have spent a lot of time working on switching systems.

          The MAWL is an incredible piece of equipment. I have seen the jumper cable in person.

          I cautioned below because I don’t want to see anyone do damage to the MAWL or their expensive weapon-light.

        • Mike says:

          “Regardless, I’m not going down the rabbit hole on a kit discussion with a bunch of basement dwellers who cried blasphemy when it was mentioned that the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24mm was being used behind the fence.”

          This statement negates any plausible argument you might have, esp since you are hiding behind a stupid name and the anonymity of the Internet where you have no idea who you are talking to.

          Go back to your basement, since you seem to be an expert on them, and let the actual experts discuss why your ideas are stupid.

        • Dave says:

          Isn’t asking for an extra button on the MAWL to control a weapon light a looking for a material solution to a training problem?

    • SecondGradeMath says:

      You can actually program the MAWL to control a white light, you just need to build a cable with the appropriate connectors.

  2. Chet says:

    So what’s the difference between this and the DA model? Just that it’s all FDE and not the anodized tan/gold?

  3. Anton says:

    Still no advertised accessories. still missing 18650 capability. still could have improvements with the indicator light. mentioned public at SSD already and to BEM directly. But yeah, go on glorifying the golden cow.

    • Chet says:

      Accessories such as what? A tape switch? The design basically elongates the need for one. While I’m all about the rechargeable batteries this is geared at government customers that will not be using rechargeable batteries so that’s an absolute moot point. Indicator light does exactly what it needs to do as is. But haters gonna hate

  4. TheScrutineer says:

    In addition to any laser class differences is there any other differences between this and the -C1? Like IR wavelength of something?


  5. Alex Moreno says:

    I have use behind the MAWL with a Modlite/Surefire and to me what I have found more useful is running no cables/wiring and running the MAWL opposite of your weapon light. Both are offset at your 1/2 and 10/11 o’clock depending whether you are right or left handed. I’m left. My thumb will engage both at either point I don’t see the necessary need to worry about white light at a time where nods, IR laser and flood is applicable so what is this about “accidental” activation, giving away your surrounding or bloom effect on your guys. That’s just dumb. I’ll add for ANYONE bashing on the MAWL you need to open your eyes or just shut up. It’s truly the most superb and step in the right direction when it comes ergonomics and combat application use. It’s simply REVOLUTIONARY as to what stands against it on the market today. There is NO COMPARISON. Our unit will never turn back to an LA5, ATPIAL, DBAL, PEQ whatever. They are rubbish.