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SPARTANAT: First Time in Action for the TILO-6MA at the Outer-Limits Experience Week in Austria

The TILO is still the smallest thermal imaging goggle in the world with a 640 pixel sensor. It has been used since one year in various special units worldwide. Also with the US authorities it enjoys increasing popularity and was procured. The new metal version of the TILO-6M is now equipped with an aluminium housing and is waterproof up to 20m and therefore also suitable for divers. During the Experience Week at the Grundlsee in Austria, enthusiastic interested parties were able to convince themselves of the possibilities of these smallest thermal imaging goggles to date. A German SEK (SWAT team) took the opportunity and tested the TILO.

The TILO can be fastened as shown with a very light helmet holder. For use with a diving mask a special spacer is used, so that the distance is sufficiently large. Alternatively an attachment to the Opscore Shroud is possible for this there is also an adapter available.

The Aluverion of the TILO-6M is also much more suitable than the plastic version for use as an thermal clip on. With its bayonet connection it can be mounted in front of a rifle scope within seconds.

In combination with the afocal attachment lens it can reach a detection range (standing man) of 2,5km.

Here, you can find the SPARTANAT report from outer-limits Experience Week 2019.

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  1. Armor Dave says:

    That’s a Busch AMP-2 bump helmet. Nice!