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FirstSpear Friday Focus – 10×12 Padded Plate Backer

FirstSpear has just announced the 10×12 padded plate backers are back in-stock. Very popular plate carrier add-on the padded plate backer is an ultra lightweight non-ballistic insert designed to go inside your plate bag on the body side of the plate. Sold in packs of two, one side features deep channels to maximize airflow and increase comfort with minimal bulk. Works with nearly any vest that accepts soft armor or plate and can be used in multiple configurations based on user needs.

100% American made, in-stock and now shipping.×12-padded-plate-backer-non-ballistic

One Response to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – 10×12 Padded Plate Backer”

  1. Richie says:

    I have a set of these, makes a “minimalist” plate carrier with heavy lvl4 plates substantially more comfortable when combined with their shoulder pads. Without these the plates press into the collar bones, the airflow improvement is a bonus even in colder climates and helps keep you dry