AUSA 19 – Polartec Woobie

It was only a matter of time before someone made a woobie insulates with Polartec Alpha, and now one is on the way.

Available soon through Polartec’s new online Miliatry Issue Collection, this blanket features the same amount of insulation in the SOCOM issued Protective Combat Uniform Level 3A jacket. It’s manufactured by Mitt’s Nitts.

6 Responses to “AUSA 19 – Polartec Woobie”

  1. TMedina says:

    Don’t need one, still probably going to buy one. Also: typo – “military”.

  2. hodge175 says:

    I have a Group 1 woobie that has Primaloft G insulation and was much less than the Kifrau. Interested to see how this compares to both of them in warmth and bulk, and also price.

    The Group 1 is very warm.

    • Luke says:

      polartec alpha will be much bulkier and heavier for the same warmth as Climashield (kifaru) or Primaloft gold. It will be more breathable and move moisture better, but that is more important for a garment then a blanket in my mind. Alpha is much more accurately thought of as a VERY high loft fleece rather then lofted insulation like CS or PL.

    • 18Fawx says:

      Ditto on the Group 1 poncho liner. The primaloft gold is super warm, even wet, and Group 1 makes them custom to your request for a great price.

  3. JK says:

    Every soldiers best friend… no matter what…

  4. Will says:

    These better come in MARPAT or coyote brown. None of this MULTICAM nonsense. 😉

    I would also accept M81 as a throwback to the poncho liner I was issued.