It’s Finally Here! The FLEX Releasable Cummerbund Kit IOTV (FRC Kit IOTV) from Arbor Arms

Arbor Arms has adapted their FLEX Cummerbund retro fit kits to the Army’s IOTV4, SPCS, MSV and many other armor systems that utilize the Duraflex Quad release system.   The Arbor Arms family of cummerbunds are in use with a wide range of units; US, British and other NATO Special Forces, Marine Force Reconnaissance, DEA SRT, CBP Special Teams.  Although many Arbor Arms designs are geared towards the high end this cummerbund kits marks a move towards improving armor ergonomics for the average Soldier on the line. 

The Cummerbund

Arbor Arms FLEX cummerbunds are a skeletonized 3 MOLLE row cummerbund, made of their proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic.    This allows for expansion and contraction not just through the full breathing cycle but during movement and non-standard shooting positions.  At the same time it can support a full combat load of magazines, radios and side SAPIs without allowing them to sag or bounce on ones hips while running.  It also allows for perfect ergonomic fit to every soldier male or female of every size and body type.    Due to the proprietary manufacturing process this elastic is woven with the MOLLE slots in it which gives I a much longer service life than sewn elastic while maintaining the ability to mount MOLLE pouches both internally and externally to the cummerbund. 

The Front

The FRC Kit IOTV used the Duraflex  Quad Release 1.5” female buckle sewn to an 70 series aluminum spreader bar that interfaces with their proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic.    The aluminum spreader features split bar attachment so that the elastic can be changed out by the end user in case of damage while in the field.

The Back

The kit comes with 3 rear mounting options; a MOLLE stick Interface for the IOTV which is compatible with either a 550 cord lacing, or with 6 Snap On Tension locks.   The 6 Snap On Tension locks can also be attached directly to the lowest 3 MOLLE rows on the rear plate bag with the excess elastic of the cummerbund routed under the c-bun flap.

Learn more about the FRC kit IOTV and the rest of the Arbor Arms family of cummerbunds at


5 Responses to “It’s Finally Here! The FLEX Releasable Cummerbund Kit IOTV (FRC Kit IOTV) from Arbor Arms”

  1. Eddie says:

    That looks like a really nice system. Well thought out, and well designed. I have to ask about the pricepoint though, that seems like a lot for what you see pictured. $170 for something that what looks like almost all the parts are sourceable for online (ITW Nexus or National Molding etc.) I’m not saying *anybody* could make it, and I don’t doubt that the craftsmanship and modularity of the system would make it cheap, but I think that should come down a bit. I can’t help but think about the broke Joes who would kill to have this, having been lucky enough to get issued a Gen IV IOTV at all depending on their unit.

    • ArborArms6 says:

      Starting with the plastic buckle it’s not a typical 1.5” side release buckle it’s part of the ITAR controlled quad release system and Duraflex charges considerably more for them
      Moving to the 70 series aluminum spreader that we designed, fabricated, deburred, and then Cerakoted.
      Then Our proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic is actually woven with the slots already in the elastic and has undergone a year and a half of R&D and three years of field testing. You could sew 2 layers of W041 elastic together but the elastomers are not strong enough To support the kit and the action of sewing would damage the elastomers to the point that it would only have a service life of a few months(first prototypes) where as with our elastic we have had Force Recon Marines running our cummerbunds for over three years with little to no sign of wear.

      Trust me it burns my soul that we have to charge these prices but the cost of material and US labor forces it.

    • Nick M says:

      The sewn elastic has me intrigued-not sure how well it can be reproduced.

      That said seems to have a narrow use case of people that can’t get away with using after market plate carriers but want to make their issued gear as good as possible regardless of the price.

  2. Kyle K says:

    For the price of a weekend out with the boys, I’ll take comfort. Having used this system, with and without modification before, I’m a big believer in comfort. I personally love the advances made to our gear from Arbor Arms and have purchased some of their products before. I know most of the guys will just ignore this and go with the issued gear, but I’m saying that you guys don’t have to. I chose not to and continue to choose gear that works for me over what I’m issued. Hey Arbor arms, keep innovating, eventually the military will catch up.

  3. Carlos Rivera says:

    I ordered mine around 2 months ago and honestly not regret at all and here’s why, Keep the Kit tight to the torso and that allows me way more maneuver. Super confortable, specially when running I don’t have to use my hands to push forward my Kit to avoid the constant bouncing back and forth and those cummerbund actually expands helping my breathing and that in my opinion is a game changer for all the physical exercises and long hours of operations. I do carry one water source and the issue ifak on the outside of the cummerbund and two magazine pouch on both sides (installed inside of the Cummerbund). Easy to buckle just like the issue one, and easy to set it up at the back side. So far, no damages. I’m satisfied with the investment.