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AUSA 19 – RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch Update

Quantico Tactical showed us the updated RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch. After an extensive evaluation by a military unit, they’ve arrived at the final form factor of this polymer pouch. These are 3D printed, but once available, they will be injection molded in Coyote color.

First off, they’ve made the top retaining tab, removable.

They’ve also slightly modified their PALS compatible attachment, which can also be used on belts.

Finally, multiple pouches can be mounted to this panel. Additionally, multiple panels can be connected and mounted in a vehicle.

3 Responses to “AUSA 19 – RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch Update”

  1. Carlos says:

    I hope they extensively low crawl/drop/slammed in a Humvee door tested those tabs at the top of the pouch (?). Them 82nd kids gonna break a ish ton of them things.

  2. Renaissance Marine says:

    overdesigned. bring back the 40 mm vest

  3. EODesign says:

    Don’t bring back the web vest. It walks around based on how you load various rounds as they weigh differently and your dexterity side rides up as your consuming grenades. Trying to stage them in specific order is very tough as you never know the situation coming ahead.
    You can’t jump it really (OK, you can jump anything) without some major concerns with the snaps giving under various torques, not to mention that less than perfect landing where your drug around a little like a sit-n-spin and they pop open. It’s just a lot of prep work to un-prep once your foot borne.
    Mesh snags and tears. I never really liked it, but there was little alternative.

    Looking at this, I’d say;

    – Make the live hinge a lot thicker. The FTO will be more, but they always relax with enough UV exposure and temperature cycles.
    – Put some guides for the elastic to keep it horizontal, as those will snag everything and get cut if not masked from surface events. Low crawl, ladder climbs, etc. Keep that cordage in its happy place.
    – Make dummy round holders to put in place for storage and/or training. It keep the mindset there and the use cycle constant. Cords act funny when they aren’t used under load for long term and then they are stretched. Maybe a back side tensioner may help later.
    Being able to quickly redistribute the grenades helps, especially if your in events where your weight is shifting, like running you ass off or leaning over/around things. PITA trying to do that with snaps that get crap in them and lock closed or you fight with to open.