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First Tactical Chosen for the UK Police National Tactical Uniform Tender

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Oct. 28, 2019 — First Tactical has been chosen for the National Tactical Uniform Tender. They will be supplying Tactical Shirts and Trousers predominantly procured for Armed Police Officers. The award was won by the First Tactical Defender series after being trialed alongside a number of other brands as part of the tending process. Provision of this range to Armed Officers further ensures that they have kit and equipment that is fit for purpose and appropriate for the environment that they operate in.


In addition to this recent UK Police award, the First Tactical Defender series has also been selected for use with other units and is proving to exceed expectations regarding fit, performance and comfort. The Defender Series was designed and built to handle any mission whilst maintaining the professional look needed when on patrol.

7 Responses to “First Tactical Chosen for the UK Police National Tactical Uniform Tender”

  1. Uniform223 says:

    Why does the UK police need tactical clothing when they’re too busy arresting people on facebook or twitter when snowflakes are offended.

  2. TheFull9 says:

    I remember seeing the monkey’s video on these last SHOT, seemed like they had the smallest possible booth for the 1-day showcase on the very top floor which was very odd to me because these look like a great alternative to G4s at at a good price that would serve anyone well who isn’t actually the highest tier of SF and has real-world budgets etc.

    I have to say to my mind this is a really good bit of news and I’m pleasantly surprised to be seeing it here, I hope First Tac do well with these.