Milipol 19 – German Aircrew Helmet Study

Schuberth is displaying a helmet concept they’ve created in conjunction with an aircrew helmet study they are undertaking for the German military.

The entire concept is modular with the ability to choose different shells for different applications such as frag protection for pilots but more robust ballistic solutions for door gunners.

The rail system is also modular as can be fitted to the different shells.

Additionally, it incorporates a fully adjustable inner lining rather than the custom lining currently in use which is very time consuming to order, manufacture and deliver.

Finally, it features an Integrated CBRN solution which has been adapted from the standard issue protective mask.

2 Responses to “Milipol 19 – German Aircrew Helmet Study”

  1. the hun says:

    When i got it right ,there was a helmet for NH-90 helicoptorPilots off roundabout 7 kg or more and a unhealthy gravity ratio… for 250,000€the pilots were not satisfied..2014/15
    the nvg weight 2.5 alone.
    The helmet ergonocis were “difficult” to handle…aching neck which lead some speaker of the MoD to the advise to do more special neck training…and the pilots were not serviceable for days…
    and special trainingsequipment for 400,000€..

  2. JK says:

    My first thought when I saw this was.. badass! Scout Trooper helmet from Endor! anyone else?